Prague Toy Museum


Prague Toy Museum, built in one of the buildings of Prague Castle, is a must-visit museum especially for families with children.

Opened in 1989, the museum consists of two floors and seven rooms in total. The most striking toys in the museum, which was established with toys brought from different parts of the world, are the toys from the ancient Greek period.

Prag Oyuncak Muzesi Kapisi
Prag Oyuncak Muzesi Araba

The world’s leading collections are in this museum. For example, the largest Barbie Doll Collection. The rarest examples of fairy tale heroes such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are also exhibited here. You can see the toys of celebrities such as Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Marlyn Monroe as well as dozens of toys of Star Wars, which has an important place in the world.

Prag Oyuncak Muzesi Kedi
Prag Oyuncak Muzesi Asker

The sculpture in the garden of the Prague Toy Museum, which has so many and different toys that those interested in toys can spend a few hours, attracts the attention of many tourists, especially Japanese tourists.

Prag Oyuncak Muzesi Gezi Yazisi
Prag Oyuncak Muzesi Heykeli

To get to the Prague Toy Museum, you need to take train number 22 and get off at the Pražský hrad stop.