Restricted and Prohibited Items in Your Hand Baggage


Hand luggage are small bags that passengers can carry with them free of charge. It is also called cabin baggage because it is sized to fit in the cabin. Before taking our hand luggage with us, we need to know the rules set by the airplane companies. These rules are set for the safety of both passengers and flight attendants during the flight. Passengers must comply with these rules, otherwise they will not be allowed on the plane. Here is an informative article about the items that cannot be taken on board.

First of all, it is already forbidden to carry substances that can cause harm in the air, such as toxic substances, flammable substances, gases used by campers, flares, radioactive substances. We don’t even need to mention them.

What are the rules for carrying liquids in hand luggage on flights?

On flights, liquid restrictions in hand luggage are also among the rules that passengers should know. Implemented since 2012, the liquid restriction on board is valid for both domestic and international flights. If you want to carry liquids in cabin baggage, your materials must be in bottles or cans of no more than 100ml. Bottles of more than 100ml are not accepted even if they contain a small amount of liquid. If you have more than the specified amount of liquid, gel or spray and want to take it with you, you can divide it into containers of no more than 100ml, provided that you do not overdo it. If you do not comply with the rules, you must hand over the inappropriate items to the airport officer. It is not possible to pass through the last search point. Is perfume prohibited in hand luggage on the plane? The same rules apply for perfumes as for liquids.

There is also a restriction that you can take 2 liters of drinks with low alcohol level and 1 liter of drinks with high alcohol level in alcohol products you buy from Duty Free. Moreover, the drinks purchased here must be kept in their own bags and the receipts must be kept with you.

Is it allowed to carry food in airplane baggage?

You can take snacks such as biscuits, wafers and sandwiches with you on board. However, semi-solid foods such as jam, honey, yogurt, molasses, tomato paste, deodorants, toothpastes, shaving foams, creams, perfumes, shampoos are among the products included in the restriction.

Which technological items are prohibited in hand luggage?

Electronic devices are checked one by one in xray devices. For a clearer understanding of technological devices and to avoid any confusion, we are asked to remove laptops and tablets from our bags and put them on the xray device separately. Airlines accept devices powered by lithium batteries such as cell phones, cameras and laptops in hand luggage. However, items that require larger lithium batteries, such as electric skateboards called hoverboards, are not allowed.

Samsun Note 7 is also among the items prohibited on the plane. If you have flown recently, you may have heard that special announcements were made for Samsung Note 7. Due to the security risk posed by the batteries of Samsung Note 7 model phones heating up and catching fire, they are not allowed on many airplanes, while some accept them on the condition that they are not plugged in, turned off and not carried in luggage.

What are the items prohibited to be carried on board?

Pointed instruments, which are among the items prohibited on airplanes, can also be caught at checkpoints at airports. For example, you cannot take a fishing rod with you because you love fishing, or an umbrella with a sharp tip. Carpentry tools such as pocketknives, razor blades, skewers, utility knives, hammers, screwdrivers, in short, any item that can cause harm is not allowed to enter.

It is not allowed to carry weapons abroad, but in order to carry a weapon within the country, the weapon must first be licensed. Of course, it is forbidden to bring it on board. For this purpose, you can hand the weapon to the person in charge at the weapon delivery desk and pick up your weapon at the weapon delivery desk where you land.

Is it forbidden to carry medication on the plane?

There is also a 100ml rule for syrup. Since the subject is related to health, it is of course possible to carry more with the permission of the necessary authorities. As for medicines, they must be in their original packaging. A health report regarding the use of medicines must also be shown.

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