Pokut Plateau Çamlıhemşin's Most Beautiful Plateau

Pokut Plateau Çamlıhemşin's Most Beautiful Plateau

Pokut Plateau, located in Çamlıhemşin district of Rize, has an elevation of around 2060 meters. The plateau, where you can see one of the magnificent views of the Kaçkar Mountains, has a preservation that we can attribute to the bad roads. As they say, a man like a man, here is a plateau like a plateau.

As far as we can see from the photos, Pokut Plateau offers a wonderful view of the sea of clouds to its visitors. But it is very difficult to predict what the weather will be like due to the rapidly changing weather of the Black Sea. Pokut Plateau, which we climbed with great difficulty, welcomed us with fog. It was difficult not only to see the sea of clouds, but even to see the next house because of the fog. This time the weather was not in our favor.

Pokut means “Windy Valley” in Armenian. There are about 75 houses in this valley, but not all of them are used. Transhumance is difficult, people who cannot withstand the conditions of nature have migrated to places where they can continue their lives. The land plots of the unused houses could not be sold because they were owned by many brothers and sisters. Some of the people living here have turned their houses into hostels to generate income by opening them to tourism.

Rize Pokut Yaylasi Sis Altinda
Rize Pokut Yaylasi Geleneksel Mimari Evleri

This plateau, which we had never been to before, had become mysterious due to the fog and the lack of people. Even though it was summer, we were looking for someone to ask something in the plateau cold that penetrated our bones, and we came across Plateau de Mola, which has a great view overlooking the mountains. They welcomed us in that cold and offered us tea. When we learned that the people staying there had been there for 4 days and still hadn’t seen the sea of clouds, we realized once again how much the Black Sea weather can be wrong.

Rize Pokut Yaylasi Gezilecek Yerler
Camlihemsin Pokut Yaylasi Sisli Hava

There is neither car noise nor crowds of people on the plateau. It is as if it was abandoned and you rediscovered it. The houses are lined up aesthetically one after the other, even the electric cables have been taken under the ground in order not to spoil the view. If you go to Pokut Plateau, one of the most beautiful plateaus among Rize plateaus, you may want to visit Sal Plateau and Hazindak Plateau. Hazindak is a bit far but Sal Plateau can be seen from Pokut in the open air, about half an hour walking distance.

Rize Pokut Yaylasi Gorulecek Yerler

There is no tent camping area on the Pokut Plateau and tents cannot be set up inside the plateau. However, travelers can set up tents on the top of the hill behind the plateau houses. From here you can witness the best view of the plateau and the cloud sea.

Where to stay in Pokut Plateau?

There are a few pensions on the Pokut Plateau, some of the most scenic chalets in Turkey. The pensions are run entirely by locals and each pension undoubtedly has super views. There are 4 hostels in total. Pokut Doga Guesthouse, Mola on the Plateau with its swing extending into the void, Pokut Yayla Evi Family Pension and Değirmencioğlu Pokut Mountain House located at the very edge of the plateau. The prices of these Pokut hostels, where you can have the most beautiful food and breakfast of the Black Sea, are a bit pocket-friendly. You have to pay 300TL if you stay for two nights in the pensions that add the beauty of the view and the taste of the table to their prices. It is worth it, of course, but you need to be rich to enjoy a few days like this.

Rize Pokut Yaylasi Yayla Salincagi
Rize Pokut Yaylasi Otelleri Pansiyonlari

How to get to Pokut Plateau?

One of the things that makes Pokut the most difficult plateau to reach is the road. To reach Pokut Plateau from the main road near Şenyuva Village, you have to cross 12 kilometers. But the road is one of the most difficult roads I have seen in Turkey. Normally, it is not possible to get up here except for 4×4 vehicles. What makes the road difficult is that it has a constant upward momentum, as well as the stones on the road that will cause the car to skid, the rain that turns the road into mud because it is high up, and the fixed rocks on the road that vehicles can hardly pass over. You know offroad roads. We had a Dacia Sandero Stepway underneath us, with a ground clearance of 20 cm. Since it was a high car, we wanted to try going up to the plateau. If we didn’t try it, it would stay with us. We started climbing. One side of Pokut’s road is always a cliff, but everywhere is wooded. The road is wide enough for a vehicle to pass. When two vehicles meet, you really have to push the limits. One has to get very close to the cliff, while the other has to get very close to the soil or rocks on the other side of the road. On some parts of the roads, one of the two vehicles has to back up and give way to areas that are wide enough for two cars to pass. You have to drive for hours in first gear, without taking your foot off the gas, and once you stop, it’s a bit troublesome to get up again.

After driving for about 2 km, the road became such that we realized that we were pushing the car too hard and we couldn’t go any further. There were a few houses just behind, called the Dovor Quarter, and we parked the car in front of one of these houses. When we were wondering what to do, whether to walk or hitchhike, one of the people living there mistook the car for a jeep and said that they go out with these vehicles and you can go out too, and his words lit the gas in us and we jumped in the car. After taking two friends who were stuck on the road with their Doblo cars in our car, we managed to go up to Pokut Plateau by leaving behind a really challenging track in 2 hours on the 10 km road. As we mentioned above, although the fog had settled and we could not see anything, this success was enough for us. Now, every time we say Pokut road, we remember those moments and feel a slight uneasiness.

Rize Pokut Yaylasi Arac Cikisi
Our Reverend
Camlihemsin Pokut Yaylasi Yolu
A standard Pokut road surface

If you do not have a car to reach Pokut Plateau, you have other options. You can take advantage of the tour buses in Çamlıhemşin or if you are going to stay in a pension on the plateau, they provide a shuttle service for a fee. You can also walk to the plateau. It is possible to walk the 12km road from the Pokut turnoff in 4h 30min. But take water or something with you, you will not find anything on the way. Since you will start at 460 meters altitude and climb to 2060 meters altitude, you should have good shoes on your feet. You can shorten your way with a hitchhike on the way.