Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History

The beginning of the military museum dates back to the early 1900s. In 1910, military equipment and military history sections were exhibited at the Universal Exhibition. When the public was satisfied with this exhibition, a military museum was opened. The artifacts were moved from the first exhibition area to this building in 1923.

Hundreds of items in the museum’s collection, collected by Officer Louis Leconte after the Great War, benefited the museum. Gifts and inheritances increased the museum’s collection day by day. In the museum, you can find a wide range of collections of war equipment. If you are interested in military hardware, you should definitely visit this museum.

Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Tarihi Galeri Leopold
Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Tarihi Galeri

One of the oldest exhibition areas of the museum is the rooms with the historical gallery. Between 1831 and 1914, war materials are on display and you can take a close look at King Leopold I and King Leopold II’s private showcases full of their belongings, statues, busts and vehicles.

The display cases are full of colorful uniforms and some of the objects belong to Belgian soldiers as well as soldiers from other nations who fought in the Belgian region. At the back of the museum you can see armored vehicles such as tanks in a square courtyard.

Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Askeri Uniformalar
Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Agir Zirhli Araclar

The museum is actually divided into two sections. The first is the military section, where everything from medieval armor to tanks, heavy weapons to centuries-old military uniforms are housed.

Another section is the aviation section, which has been active since 1972. The aviation section contains many tools related to aviation history. Airplanes, helicopters, sample missiles showing the mechanism of missiles…

Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Helikopter
Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Havacilik Bolumu Gezilecek Yerler

There are various statues at the top of the triumphal arch. After visiting the navy section and the aviation section, you can go up to the part of the museum on the triumphal arch side, to the height where the statues are located. The triumphal arch, which we ascended via elevator, allows us to have a panoramic view of Cinquantenaire Park.

Bruksel Cinquantenaire Parki Panoramik Gorunum
Bruksel Cinquantenaire Parki Zafer Taki Heykelleri

What are the entrance fee and opening hours of the Brussels Museum of Armed Forces and Military History?

Entrance to the museum is paid. Cash is not accepted, only credit cards. Entrance is free if you have a Brussels Card. You can visit the museum every day of the week except Monday between 09:00 – 17:00.

Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Asker Esyalari Malzemeleri
Bruksel Askeri Tarih Muzesi Asker Asker Yatagi

Where is the Brussels Museum of Armed Forces and Military History?

The museum is located in Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels. To get here, you can take bus lines 22, 27, 80 to Merode station, bus lines 12, 21, 22, 36, 60, 79 to Schuman station, tram lines 61, 81 to Merode station, metro lines 1 and 5 to Merode or Schuman stations and take a 10-minute walk.