Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

With more than twenty-nine thousand artworks, the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium is a must-visit museum in Brussels if you are fond of art. It is also very easy to reach the museum as it overlooks the Royal Square, which is at a central point.

In the Fine Arts Museum, you will see many works of painting, sculpture and drawing from the 15th century to the 21st century. The works of prominent Flemish artists such as Paul Henry, Anthony van Dyck, James Ensor, Ferdinand Khnopff and Jacques Louis are available here. The museum is also very proud of its Rubens Room, where more than 20 Rubens works are kept. The Rubens Room is a room with red colored walls.

Belcika Guzel Sanatlar Muzesi Nerede
Belcika Guzel Sanatlar Muzesi Rubens Room

Since the museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, it is possible to see different decorations and artifacts every time you visit. One of the museum rooms is a projection show with a screen on 3 sides. Here, the stories of the paintings are told and the points to be considered are emphasized.

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Belcika Guzel Sanatlar Muzesi Tablo Odalari

The museum, which has the ability to easily satiate those who are hungry for art, is multi-storey and can be reached by elevators between floors. The elevator seats 48 people and for the first time I saw cinema-like seats in the elevator. On each floor there are sections divided into categories. For example, some of the floors are categorized according to the years 1898 – 1929, 1930 – 1950, 1951 – 1967, and some floors are categorized according to the movements of the paintings.

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In the last area of the museum we see a collection of messages written by homeless people on cardboard. It is a very strange idea to exhibit requests for help such as money messages, soup and bread messages together in this way.

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Belcika Guzel Sanatlar Muzesi Nasil Gidilir

What are the entrance fee and opening hours of the Museum of Fine Arts Belgium?

Entrances are paid. If you have a Brussels city card, you can enter for free. The Museum of Fine Arts can be visited from Tuesday to Friday between 10:00 – 17:00 and is open until 18:00 on weekends. Please note that tickets must be purchased half an hour in advance.

Where is the Museum of Fine Arts Belgium and how to get there?

One of the main buildings overlooking the Royal Palace square is the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. You can easily get there by taking trams 92 and 94 to the Royale stop and metro 1 and 5 to the Gare Centrale stop. Buses 27, 38, 71, 95 should get off at the Royale stop and buses 29, 63, 65, 66 should get off at the Gare Centrale stop.