Rozafa Castle: Highest Point of Shkodra

During our Balkan tour, we stopped in Iskodër on our way from Budva to Tirana. One of the few things to do in Iskodër is Rozafa Castle, so we didn’t want to skip it.

Rozafa Castle has been inhabited since ancient times and when the Romans were developing their territory, they captured it from a group called Illyrians, which means the land of the free. In the 14th century, Rozafa Castle and the area where the castle is located fell to the Ottomans, and in the 20th century it is still part of the country of Albania.

Arnavutluk Iskodra Kalesi Gezilecek Yerler
Arnavutluk Iskodra Kalesi Gorulecek Yerler

Rozafa Castle is a castle built on a rocky hill. There is nothing extra as a castle, you will see everything you would find in a castle. There are small tombs in the castle and in the large courtyards after the entrance we can see the fortification walls, cisterns, baths, towers, the old Ottoman prison, the cathedral and the mosque, the ruins of which we can see.

Arnavutluk Iskodra Rozafa Kalesi Kale Manzarasi
Arnavutluk Iskodra Rozafa Kalesi Fotograflari Gorulecek Yerler
Iskodër Attractions

If you want a reason to go up to the castle, I can instantly tell you the view. When you climb to the top of the castle, which is surrounded by rivers, you will witness wonderful views. The view of the plain colored and beautified by the Bojana (Buna) River looks very nice.

How much is the entrance fee to Rozafa Castle?

The entrance fee to the castle is 300 LEK and it is open until around 20:00.

Iskodra Rozafa Kalesi Gezi Notlari
Iskodra Rozafa Kalesi Nehri

Where is Rozafa Castle and how to get there?

Rozafa Castle is located in the city of Iskodër, Albania. Therefore, it is very close to the border with Montenegro. The distance from Tirana, the capital of Albania, is 95 kilometers. It is possible to get to Iskodër by bus.

If you rented a car or are traveling with your private car, you can drive to the entrance of Iskodër Castle (Rozafa Castle). The area where you park your car is a bit challenging. If it is a bit crowded, you may have situations such as skidding because you cannot maneuver easily and because of the ground structure. The parking lot is paid.

Iskodra Rozafa Kalesi Manzara Fotograflari
Arnavutluk Iskodra Kalesi Park Alani

Lake Shkodra, the largest lake in the Balkans, Marubi Photography Collection and Shkodra History Museum are other places to visit for those who want to spend time in Shkodra.