Model of Safranbolu Yoruk Village

Model of Safranbolu Yoruk Village

Yörük Village is 12 km from Safranbolu. This museum village, which is like a small model of Safranbolu, has a history of 650 years and 93 registered monuments. In 1997, the village, which was taken under protection and declared a protected area, will take you to a completely different history with its houses.

There is also a 450-year-old mansion in the village, which is known as the oldest mansion in the village. The mansion, called Onbaşıgil House, is famous for its laundry. In the past, the women of the village used to wash their laundry here.

Yoruk Koyu Evleri
Yoruk Koyu Evleri 2

There is a large stone in the center of the laundry and stoves in the corners to heat water. The thoughtful people of Safranbolu created even this stone by calculating many subtleties. Around the stone, where people of different heights and weights can easily wash their clothes, 12 people can wash their clothes at the same time. The dirty water of the washed clothes flows out through small water channels so that it does not mix with the water of the laundry of the woman next to it.

Yoruk Koyu Camasirhane
Yoruk Koyu Camasirhane Gezisi

In Yoruk Village, it is also possible to see the bust of Leyla Gencer, one of the greatest names in the history of Opera, known as La diva Turca in the world, and one of the best sopranos of the 20th century. The bust of Leyla Gencer, whose father was from Safranbolu, was created by Turkish sculptor Metin Yurdanur. Speaking of Leyla Gencer, Leyla Gencer Art House and Sucu Hafız Travel House are among the buildings you can visit in Yörük Village. It is more like an ethnography museum where basic items used in the past are exhibited.

Leyla Gencer Bustu
Yoruk Koyu Geyik Boynuzu

On your unique journey through the history between the houses of Yörük Village, the deer antlers hanging from the roofs of the buildings you examine will attract your attention. The people of Yoruk Village believe in good luck. For this reason, they hang the antlers of the deer they hunt on the roofs of their houses for good luck.

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Where is Safranbolu Yoruk Village and how to get there?

On your trip to Safranbolu, if you have time, be sure to stop by this historical village and examine the houses closely. Safranbolu Yörük Village is 14km (23 minutes) away. You can also reach Yörük Village by minibuses departing from Safranbolu. It is possible to fully visit Karabük and the historical places on the list of places to visit in Safranbolu on a weekend trip.