Salzburg Card

One of the best ways to explore the city of Mozart to the fullest is to have a Salzburg Card. Let’s take a look at whether the Salzburg Card, which provides free entry to all tourist attractions and museums and is also advantageous in public transportation, is really necessary and how much it costs.

Is the Salzburg Card advantageous?

First of all, you get free entrance to many museums in Salzburg, maybe even all of them. We bought a Salzburg Card and didn’t pay anything extra for the museums we visited. So let’s see if it is advantageous. Salzburg museums generally cost around 10€. For example, the total cost of entering two different buildings where the famous composer Mozart was born and lived is 22€. If you want to go up to the Salzburg Fortress, it costs 12,20€ and the Salzburg Museum costs 8,5€. Considering these most basic museums, Salzburg Card makes sense.

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City transportation with the Salzburg Card: Transportation in Salzburg is also included in the city card. There is not much need to use public transportation anyway, even if there is, it is free. You only need to take the bus to Hellbrunn Palace. Both the funicular we took to go up to Salzburg Castle and the elevators designed to go to the top of the rocks are included in the Salzburg city card.

Where to buy a Salzburg Card?

In historic Salzburg, there are tourist information centers at Mozart Square number 5 and Südtirolerplatz number 1. You can buy Salzburg Card from these centers. The hotel we stayed in was giving this tourist card for the same price, we bought the cards from the hotel we stayed in. I think you can buy it from many hotel receptions without any commission. If you landed at Salzburg Airport, you can also buy it at the airport.

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What are the Salzburg Card prices?

Salzburg city card prices, which we can also call Museum Pass, vary according to the period. If you are buying it to use between the beginning of May and the end of October, the 24-hour Salzburg Card fee is 28€, the 48-hour fee is 37€, and the 72-hour card fee is 43€. If you buy it in other months, it is 3-6€ cheaper. Since your card is active from the moment you start using it, if you buy it for 24 hours, the right to use it expires after 24 hours.

There is a difference of 35TL between 24 hours and 48 hours, if you can’t decide which one you prefer, my suggestion would be as follows. Buy 24 hours, start the museum tour early in the morning. There are not many museums anyway, you can finish the museums until the evening. Leave sightseeing in the city for the next day. Or you can do the opposite and visit the city first and see the museums, and then enter the museums the next day. If you are going to use public transportation, you should take this into consideration, your hotel may be far from the center, one-way tickets are around 2,50€.

The Salzburg city card is a great way to explore the Mozart city easily and comfortably, with many advantages. With free entry to sights and museums, free use of public transportation and many additional discounts, I think it’s essential to enjoy your Salzburg vacation as a tourist.