Salzburg Museum

Founded in the 19th century as a museum where Napoleon’s war memorabilia was first exhibited, the Salzburg Museum, which later became the official city museum of Salzburg, is a museum where you can find the most artifacts about Salzburg. Among these artifacts are paintings and archaeological remains dating back to Roman times.

The center of the Salzburg Museum is the Neue Residenz building. The museum in this building, where Salzburg’s artistic and cultural themed artifacts are exhibited, was awarded the Austrian Museum Award in 2007 and the European Museum Award in 2009 for its presentation and use of media elements. Among the things you can see in the museum are picture galleries, portrait paintings of characters from Salzburg’s history, and items used by members of the royal family.

Salzburg Muzesi Kraliyet Portre Tablolari
Salzburg Muzesi Kraliyet Esyalari

The permanent exhibition The Salzburg Myth was on the second floor of the museum. One of the permanent exhibitions of the museum is Salzburg City of Music, which reflects the music of the city. This exhibition, also on the second floor, consists of a collection of musical instruments.

Salzburg City Of Music Muzesi
Salzburg City Of Music Muzesi Eserleri

In the Antiquity section, you can also see the walls of Roman houses in Salzburg and archaeological artifacts such as pottery, pottery, sculptures and figures excavated from Salzburg. Of course, these artifacts are specific to Roman architecture. They are mostly house ruins, mosaic decorations they used in their bathrooms, decorative objects…

Salzburg Muzesi Arkeolojik Eserler Salonu
Salzburg Muzesi Roma Donemi Arkeolojik Eserleri

Salzburg Panorama Museum

The best place in the Salzburg Museum is the Salzburg Panorama Museum, where you can see the old Salzburg from a 360-degree angle on a platform. The 360-degree view is a 26-meter mural. In this painting by Johann Sattler, you feel as if you are watching Salzburg as it was in 1829 from the Salzburg Fortress (Hohensalzburg).

Salzburg Panorama Muzesi Panoramik Duvar Resmi

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours of the Salzburg Museum?

The entrance fee to the museum is 8,50€. If you want to enter the Panorama Museum, you can buy a combined ticket for 10€. If you have a Salzburg Card city card, you can use it for free. The museums are open from 09:00 to 17:00 every day of the week except Monday.

Where is the Salzburg Museum and how to get there?

The Salzburg Museum, which was subjected to bomb attacks during the wars and lost many artifacts that could not be transported, is now located in the Neue Residenz building on Mozartplatz square. One side of the museum faces the Mozart statue on Mozartplatz, while the front side faces Residenzplatz, Austria’s most historic square. The entrance to the Panorama Museum is on Residenzplatz, in the adjacent building on the Salzburg Cathedral side of the Salzburg Museum.

In my opinion, the Salzburg Museum and the Salzburg Panorama Museum are not good enough museums to recommend. If you want to learn about the history of the city of Salzburg, there is no other museum in Salzburg that reflects the history of the city. But you may want to spend more time on the streets instead of this museum.