Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon, which you can easily reach by following the signs in Demirtaş Town of Alanya, one of the distinguished districts of Antalya, is located in Sapadere Village, 15 km inland from the sea. With a height of 400 meters, this magnificent canyon has a walking platform made of wood so that visitors can easily visit it.

If you are going to Sapadere Canyon by car, there is a free parking area in front of the facility. At the point where you park the car, you encounter a clean, ice-cold and wonderful looking water pond.

Sapadere Kanyonu Su Goleti
Sapadere Kanyonu 400Metre

Entrance to Sapadere Canyon is paid. It is a price you can afford to pay to see this beauty. Then, to enter the canyon, you have to walk 250 meters on a dirt road surrounded by trees.

Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, the canyon impresses visitors with its majesty and splendor and welcomes you with the sound of water calling you to peace. When you look up in the 400 meter high canyon, its beauty and height can make you dizzy.

Sapadere Kanyonu
Sapadere Kanyonu Gezi Yazisi

Sapadere Canyon is 350 meters long. There are natural swimming pools in the canyon, which is suitable for walking through wooden platforms.

It is possible to learn how many meters deep the natural pools are with the signs hung near the natural pools. During your journey in Sapadere Canyon, which has a clean air, you will see many waterfalls, large and small, and you will witness very closely how powerful water can be.

At the end of the hiking trail, a wonderful waterfall awaits you. It is not possible to go any further, but the place where the water falls is a natural pool. You are free to swim in this crystal clear and cold water. If you can stand the cold, because the water temperature in Sapadere Canyon is quite low.

Sapadere Kanyonu Alanya Gorulecek Yerler
Sapadere Kanyonu Gezilecek Yerler

At the end of the hike, if you are tired and hungry from the effort and the sound of the water, you can eat at the restaurant at the spot where you parked the car. The prices are normal and the food is the kind we can eat anywhere.

Where is Sapadere Canyon and how to get there?

The distance from Alanya to Sapadere Canyon is 43 km. When you drive from Alanya to Gazipaşa, you need to turn when you see the Sapadere sign on the D400 highway. After turning, you will arrive at Sapadere Canyon after 20 km of winding and greenery road. It would not be appropriate to go to Alanya in its pure form and nature and return without seeing it.