Schönbrunn Zoo

Schönbrunn Zoo is home to around 8,500 animals, including fish, invertebrates, spiders and spiders. With 700 different animal species, it is said to be the oldest zoo in the world. Schönbrunn Zoo was started in 1752 by Emperor Franz I, the husband of Maria Theresia. It was a collection of rare animals and only noble families and members of the royal family could visit the zoo. From 1778 onwards, it was opened to the public to some extent, but only on Sundays, only well-dressed people were allowed to visit.

In Schönbrunn Zoo, you can not only observe the animals and visit their habitats, but you can also follow the activities during feeding hours. At each hour, the staff feed the animals and inform the audience about their characteristics, species and lifestyles. For example, elephants are fed at 10:00, giant tortoises at 10:30 and Siberian tigers at 14:00.

Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Kelebek Kozalari
Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Gergedan

I should mention that the aquarium part of the zoo is very beautiful. It has a really relaxing atmosphere. Even if you stand in front of the tanks and look at them for minutes as if you were watching a screensaver on your computer, you won’t get bored. The tanks with jellyfish are very deceiving, their movements are almost mesmerizing.

Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Deniz Anasi
Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Akvaryumu

For example, we came across a hypotototamus bathing. As you can see in the photo, the staff washes the hippo with pressurized water and cleans its teeth. Also don’t miss the giant tortoises.

Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Hipototam Banyosu
Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Dev Kaplumbagalar

The water tank for the penguins is quite big. The penguins can swim in a large area, they can enter under the area you are in and come out from another area. You can observe the underwater behavior of penguins, seals, even white bears.

Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Kral Penguenleri
Schonbrunn Hayvanat Bahcesi Deniz Kaplumbagasi

What are the entrance fee and visiting hours at Schönbrunn Zoo?

Schönbrunn Zoo entrance fee is €18.50 for adults. Vienna Card holders can enter for free. If you’re traveling as a family or planning to visit the other buildings of Schönbrunn Palace, you can also take advantage of the Family Pass, which is a family-size entrance ticket and a combination ticket. The zoo is open every day of the week. It opens at 09:00 and closes between 16:30 and 18:30 depending on the season.

Where is Schönbrunn Zoo and how to get there?

The zoo is located close to the center of Vienna, within the grounds of Schönbrunn Palace and gardens. You can reach the zoo with a short walk if you take the subway U4, tram lines 10, 58, 60, bus lines 10A, 51A, 56A, 56A, 56B, 58A and get off at the Schönbrunn stop or Hietzing station. The zoo has three entrances. Next to the Neptune Fountain, next to the Palm House and diagonally across from the Gloriette.