9 Famous Sculptures You Must See in Tartu


Tartu is a city of artists, as evidenced by the sculptures you see at every turn. You will surely have acquaintances among them and you will be surprised to meet these important people in Tartu.

Some of the important works that shed light on historical periods are known to the whole world. Others are characters we don’t know yet, but we should learn about because of their efforts.

The Kissing Students

The sculpture by Mati Karmin, whose works can be found in many places in Tartu, was completed in 1998 and was erected in the center of the ornamental pool, which has been active since 1948.

Tartu Heykelleri Kissing Sculpture

Sculpture Bronze Pig

The Bronze Pig, a work of sculptor Mati Karmin, was erected in front of Tartu Market in 2009 on January 17, St. Anthony’s Day. The sculpture, which often appears in the brochures, can be seen up close as it is located by the river where the settlement is densely populated. The statue is a symbol of Tartu.

Tartu Heykelleri Pig

Father and Son’ Sculpture

The statue of Father and Son on Küüni Street was erected on June 1, the Day for the Protection of Children. Completed in 2004, the sculpture depicts Ülo Õun with a child looking at his 18-month-old son Kristjan. The sculpture was intended to be erected in Tallinn, but was purchased by the Tartu government and erected in Tartu.

Tartu Heykelleri Father And Son

Gustav II Adolf

Adolf II, who received a good education, achieved various successes throughout his life with his strategic acumen. He acquired Estonia in 1617 by concluding the Peace of Stolbova with the Russian family.

Tartu Heykelleri Adolf Gustav

Wilde & Vilde

The statues of Oscar Wilde and Eduard Vilde on Vallikraavi Street depict them sitting on a bench.

Tartu Heykelleri Oscar Wilde

Eduard Tubin

Born in 1905, Estonian composer Eduard Tubin composed 4 symphonies, a violin concerto and ballet music, and from time to time throughout his life he came to Turkey to perform his works. It is known that his son Elno Tubin is married to a Turk and spends some periods of the year in Kaş district of Antalya.

Tartu Heykelleri Eduard Tubin

Johan Skytte

A statue of the good politician Johan Skytte in the form of a seal is located in the garden of the Tartu University Museum.

Tartu Ruins Johan Skytte

Barclay de Tolly

The prince, whose real name was Mihail Bogdanovic Barclay de Tolly, became famous for his exploits in the Napoleonic Wars.

Tartu Heykelleri Barclay De Tolly

Kristjan Jaak Peterson

Estonian poet Christian Jacob Petersohn is considered the pioneer of modern Estonian poetry. Petersohn’s birthday, March 14, has been declared mother tongue day in Estonia.

Tartu Heykelleri Kristian Jaak Peterson