Hacıllı Waterfall Campground

Hacıllı Waterfall Campground, located in Şile, one of the oxygen depot regions of Istanbul, is one of the preferred tent camping areas, especially since it is possible to camp by the stream. Since there are several waterfalls on the stream and caves in the area, trekking tours can also be organized,

Hacıllı Waterfall Tent Campground, one of the free camping sites in Istanbul, is one of the camping sites that was previously unknown but later became very famous. The places to set up tents are mostly empty lands by the stream. You can consider many areas here as campsites. There are no businesses around. There are no showers, toilets, electricity and water services. I recommend you to do your shopping in the center of Şile and come here. It is not recommended for those who will camp for the first time due to the lack of a business.

Hacilli Selalesi Cadir Piknik Alani
Hacilli Selalesi Dere Yolu

When you arrive in the area, you can see more tents on the first plain after the bridge. When you go a little further and take the road on the left, you will come across relatively more secluded places. If you have a high-six vehicle, you have the opportunity to go a little further and enter places where not everyone can enter.

Since the roads leading to Hacıllı Waterfalls are usually wet and slippery, you may have to enter the water from time to time, so you should adjust your equipment accordingly. It is also possible to swim in suitable and safe areas to cool off in hot weather. During this time you can also take great photos of the creek and trees.

Hacilli Selalesi Nasil Gidilir Kamp Alani
Hacilli Selalesi Piknik Alani Sile Gezilecek Yerler

We can easily mention the presence of humanoids who come for picnics, who are far from the camping culture and who do not take their garbage. The residents of Hacıllı Village are of course very disturbed by this. Those who plunder the fields, don’t take their garbage back, don’t put out their fires also take their share here.

Gürlek Waterfall, Gürlek Cave, İnkese Cave and Suçıkan Cave, which are located a little deeper in the region, are also included in the planning of our next trip.

Where is Hacıllı Village and Hacıllı Waterfall and how to get there?

Hacıllı, located within the borders of Istanbul, is on the Şile Ağva road. It is 90km (1h 30min) from the Bosphorus Bridge. Especially on the Sile side, the roads are village roads, narrow and it takes a long time because you cannot go fast. On the way to Hacıllı Waterfall, you will see many areas where charcoal is produced. The wood carefully stacked on top of each other is burned and turned into charcoal. Charcoal is produced in the village. You can smell it in Hacıllı and the surrounding villages.

Sile Hacilli Selalesi Kamp Alani
Sile Hacilli Selalesi Yolu

Kocaeli Hacıllı Campground is 60km (1h 30min), 30km (45min) from the center of Şile and 20km (30min) from Ağva. On the way from Şile to Ağva, it is enough to enter Osmanköy and Sortulu Village signs and follow the sign of Hacıllı Waterfall.