Sinop Pasha Bastions

Sinop Pasha Bastions

Built in the 19th century during the Ottoman-Russian wars to defend against attacks from the sea and to ensure the security of the port and shipyard, Sinop Pasha Bastions are located in the south of Sinop’s peninsula called Bozburun.

The word “bastion” derived from Arabic means preparation and equipping. The bastions built to ensure the security of a strategic region are generally not visible from the outside. The side of the Pasha bastions facing the sea is covered with trees and greenery. Therefore, when viewed from the sea, it is not understood that it is a military area. For this reason, the bastions are built close to the area they want to protect.

Sinop Pasa Tabyalari Gezilecek Yerler
Sinop Pasa Tabyalari Manzarasi

One of the most beautiful examples of the bastions, which we can call the most advanced line of defense against the enemy, is the bastions in Sinop. In the Pasha Bastions in Sinop, there are 11 trenches and gun beds, arsenals and cellars. The infrastructure of the region consists of hard volcanic rock due to its geological structure, where a large pit was dug and the bastions were built. The most important features of the structures, which were prepared without any architectural concerns, are that they are robust and safe. Bastions are categorized according to the way they were built. Among the star, earth, crescent and bow type bastions, the Pasha Bastions in Sinop belong to the Crescent Bastion type. When viewed from a bird’s eye view, it is clearly understood that it is in the shape of a half-moon.

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Sinop Pasa Tabyalari Ormanlik Alan

The cannons on the parapet and cannon bed had a range of 600 and 900 meters, but they did not explode where they fell, but were used for breaking and shattering due to their weight. The cannons cast in the cannon house where the Martyrs’ Fountain in Sinop is located were unearthed years later with archaeological excavations and started to be exhibited in the Sinop Archeology Museum.

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Where is Sinop Pasha Bastions and how to get there?

Today, Sinop Pasha Bastions has become a place where events such as breakfast, local dishes and wedding organizations are held. In this historical place, there used to be no tables in the middle and the feeling of the war was better understood. Sinop Pasha Bastions are located within the borders of Nisi Village, 3 km from the city center. If you are interested in recent history and war strategy, be sure to visit the bastions.