SMAK: Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Gent

One of the museums about art in Ghent is the Ghent Museum of Modern Art. Exhibiting post-1945 artworks, the museum is called S.M.A.K., short for Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst.

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Founded in 1999, Ghent City Museum of Modern Art hosts permanent exhibitions of famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and Karel Appel.

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SMAK entrance fee. If you have a CityCard Gent city card, you can enter for free. SMAK is open every day except Monday.

Ghent Museum of Fine Arts

The big building right next to the SMAK is the MSK, which stands for Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Dutch. The Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent is also a museum with mainly paintings. The museum, which attracts art lovers, has the same opening hours and entrance fee as the SMAK and of course it is free for those who have a Ghent city card.

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Citadel Park

Both museums are located in Citadel Park, one of the largest parks in Ghent city center. Citadel Park is a lush green area with botanical richness and even small ponds. There used to be a castle here and the entrance gate of the castle is still standing.

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Citadel Park, which makes you step into a different world by standing out from the concrete structures around it, takes its name from a Dutch castle founded in 1823. Its ruins were removed for the World Exhibition in 1913 and it has remained in this calm, peaceful state until today.

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