Tallinn Card Buying Guide

Tallinn, the city of fairy tales, has many medieval buildings and a wide variety of historical museums. If you want to go to Tallinn and see everything, entering each of these buildings one by one can be a bit expensive.

Tallinn offers a relatively inexpensive card for tourists who love sightseeing and exploring, called Tallinn Card. With the Tallinn Card, you can enter more than 40 museums and buildings for free, and you can also benefit from discounts in museums that do not have a Tallinn Card.

Tallinn Card Satin Alma Rehberi

As of 2016, you can start your trip by choosing between the 24 hour (32€), 48 hour (42€) and 72 hour (52€) Tallinn Card options. Your card is activated from the first moment you use it and starts to work according to the time period you have purchased.

Transportation with Tallinn Card

Tallinn Card offers access to many museums and also provides convenience in transportation. You can ride Tallinn’s buses, trolleys and trams free of charge for the duration of the card.

You can get the Tallinn Card from many sales points such as Tallinn Tourist Information Center or you can also get it when you land at the airport. If you want to visit Tallinn properly, Tallinn Card will be your savior.