Tallinn Gate


In Parnu, 180 km from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, there is a gate that has been preserved until today.

Tallinn Gate, also known as Carl Gustav Gate, is the only structure of its kind that has been preserved in its entirety from the Middle Ages to the present day. Located on the old Tallinn street in Parnu, the structure has a 5-meter-wide, 6.85-meter-high tunnel through which the passages were made.

Tallinn Gate Gezi Rehberi
Tallinn Gate Tuneli

Next to the building is a model representing the fortress of Parnu and its remains.

Tallinn Gate Model

There is a pool on the side of the building and if it is evening time with the sun setting behind the buildings, you can get beautiful and colorful images using the reflection of the water.

Tallinn Gate Gezilecek Yerler
Tallinn Gate Gun Batimi