Tallinn TV Tower

The foundations of Tallinn TV Tower, whose architects were David Baziladze and Juri Sinis and engineers were Vladimir Obydov and Yevgeny Ignatoc, were laid in 1975 and the construction was completed in 1980. Closed in 2007, the tower was reopened to visitors in 2012 after the interior decoration was renovated by KOKO Arhitektid.

The total height of the tower, the tallest structure in Estonia, is 312 meters. Visitors can climb up to the large area visible at a height of 170 meters.

When you take the fast elevator up 21 floors in about 50 seconds, you will be greeted by many information panels and applications. Each panel serves a different purpose and you can discover Tallinn for yourself. From how the frozen Baltic Sea was broken to the history of Tallinn, you can add to your knowledge with interactive documentaries.

Tallinn Tv Tower Gezi Rehberi
Tallinn Tv Tower Gezi Yazisi

The tower offers spectacular views to the visitors. In the area where you will have a panoramic 360-degree tour of the city, the capitals of the countries written on the ground and their distance from Tallinn TV Tower will attract your attention.

Tallinn Tv Tower Tasarimi
Tallinn Tv Tower Tasarimi Ulke Baskentleri

The most exciting part of the floor are the panels on the floor that close and open when a button is pressed. When you realize that you are standing on a 170-meter-high glass, it can be very exciting.

Tallinn Tv Tower Yukseklik

Tallinn TV Tower allows us to view the whole of Tallinn and even Estonia through binocular panels. So much so; it is said that even Finland, 75 kilometers away, can be seen in clear weather.

Tallinn Tv Tower Seyir
Tallinn Tv Tower Denizi

There is a restaurant on the second floor of the building. On the terrace next to the restaurant you can watch the city without windows.

Tallinn TV Tower is open every day from 10:00 to 23:00. The entrance fee for going up is €8 for adults and €5 for students. If you buy a Tallinn Card, you don’t have to pay this high price, you can enter for free.

Tallinn Tv Tower Dis Gorunum
Tallinn Tv Tower Uzunlugu

Getting to Tallinn TV Tower

TV Tower is about 10 kilometers from the center and you need to drive on Narva Maantee until you see the Teletorn sign pointing in the left direction. The tower will appear 1.5 kilometers after the turn.