Tarsus Museum

Tarsus Museum

The history of Tarsus, the most important cultural center of the Çukurova region, dates back to 7000 BC. Thousands of years of history unearthed as a result of archaeological excavations are exhibited in the Tarsus Museum.

Previously, the artifacts were taken to Adana Museum or Hatay Archeology Museum, but the large number of finds led to the need to open a museum in Tarsus. The artifacts were first collected in the Kubad Pasha Madrasah, built by Kubad Pasha, one of the Ramazanoğlu beys, in the 1970s, and the need to move to a new museum arose as the number of artifacts increased.

Tarsus Muzesi Taki Buluntulari
Tarsus Muzesi El Mumyasi

It contains quality artifacts from the Neolithic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods unearthed in and around Tarsus, the meeting point of civilizations. the artifacts were moved to the Tarsus Cultural Center Building in 2000.

Tarsus Muzesi Mezar Taslari
Tarsus Muzesi Amforalar

With 10 archaeological sites and 5 natural sites in its area of responsibility, the museum exhibits finds from the Gözlükule Mound, Cumhuriyet Mound, Donuktaş, St. Paulus Well and Emniyet Palace excavations.

Tarsus Muzesi Etnografya
Tarsus Muzesi Etnografya Gezisi

If you are interested in archeology, you can visit the Tarsus Museum, which has beautiful artifacts. The fact that it is not so big that it will take a lot of your time means that it will not take a lot of your time on your Tarsus trip. We recommend the Tarsus Museum. It is located in the center of Tarsus, on Muvaffak Uygur Boulevard.