Tartu Linnakodaniku Muuseum


One of the museums in Tartu that seeks to reflect the authenticity of history is the museum of a 19th century house.

This museum, which shows what life was like in the 1830s, is located at 16 Jaami Street and is known as one of the oldest wooden houses in Tartu.

Especially the Northern wars between Russia and Sweden caused a lot of destruction, many houses were destroyed, but some of them survived. In the following years there were several wars in and around Tartu, which caused many fires and destruction.

Citizen Home Museum 1
Citizen Home Museum 2

The people of Tartu, who received residence permits after the wars, repaired the destroyed wooden buildings and built stone structures in some of them. In 1800s there were 3500 inhabitants in 550 houses, while in 1825 there were 8600 in 824 houses.

Johann Gottfried Pflug built a small 3-room building in 1744 on the land he inherited from his father in 1734. The building took its present form in 1828 with the addition of two rooms and a kitchen.

Citizen Home Museum 3
Citizen Home Museum 4

After a 3-year restoration process in the 1990s, the house was opened as a museum in 1993 and is still open to visitors.