Tartu Toy Museum

The toy museum in Tartu’s Old Town is the largest toy museum in the Baltics. The museum brings adults back to their childhood and allows children to have fun.

Tartu Toy Museum, where you can see more than 5000 toys from cartoon characters to puppets, acts more as a museum where Estonian characters are exhibited.

Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi
Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi Gezi Rehberi

The Tartu Toy Museum, founded by Meeri Säre, Mare Hunt and Tiia Toomet, was first established in 1994, but moved to a wooden building from the 1770s on Lutsu Street in 2004.

Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi Cuceler
Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi Gezisi

Puppets, cartoon characters, protagonists of children’s stories that appeal to 7 to 70 are among the toys you will encounter during your trip. But undoubtedly the most interesting among them are the toys from the Middle Ages found in Estonian lands. Medieval toys are mostly made of natural wood.

Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi Ortacag Oyuncaklari 1
Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi Ortacag Oyuncaklari 2

The mascot of Tartu Toy Museum, which also has large train stations, is the well-known Teddy Bear. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Other days you can visit between 11-00 – 18:00. The entrance fee is €5 for adults and €4 for children.

Tartu Oyuncak Muzesi Tren Istasyonu