The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Orlando

The Harry Potter sections in Universal Orlando’s theme parks were a very exciting and beautiful experience for us, who unfortunately had never seen any of the Harry Potter episodes. Of course, after we returned home, we immediately started the Harry Potter series and watched it every time, saying ‘look, there was this one too’ and ‘that building over there’.

What we can recommend to those who are planning a trip to Universal Orlando is to watch at least part 1 of the Harry Potter series. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you already know every detail and you will have extra fun. Both the details of the recreated towns, shops and stores and the rides are super fun.

The magical world of Harry Potter is spread across both Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventures theme parks. In other words, it is not possible to see it all by entering one theme park. During the day, you can purchase a Park to Park ticket for both parks and take the Hogwarts Express between Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade. Below I will talk about the things you should not miss about the Harry Potter concept.

  • Those staying at Universal Orlando Resort can enter the theme park about an hour before the park opens and enjoy all the facilities when there is no one else around, when it is not crowded. When you consider that Harry Potter is the theme park’s most popular attraction and that you will be waiting in line for minutes and sometimes even hours for the rides during the day, going early helps a lot. No lines, no waiting. What does it mean to enter the park at 8 am when it opens at 9 am, awesome.

Universal Studios Florida Harry Potter Ride Sirasi
Harry Potter ride queue
Universal Studios Florida Harry Potter Ride Deneyimi
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts rides at both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure are among the most exciting of the theme parks. As you make your way to these rides, be sure to examine the talking portrait paintings and moving newsprint in both Hogwarts and Gringotts. They are so realistic. By the way, the Forbidden Journey ride is the best of the two theme parks.
  • Harry Potter’s most famous drink is butterbeer. It’s a buttery, non-alcoholic beer that comes in hot, frozen and regular options. Served cool in summer and hot in winter, Butterbeer is one of the drinks you should try during your visit to Harry Potter.
  • Take the Hogwarts Express and visit both parks. This way you will see two magical worlds and two different stories in the land of Harry Potter. Yes, there is a different story on the way there and a different story on the way back.

Universal Islands Of Adventure Hogsmeade Express
Universal Orlando Theme Park Hogwarts Express Treni Bavullari
  • When you pass through Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross train station at Universal Studios, you actually pass through bricks with an optical illusion. You don’t realize it, but you can watch someone else walk through the bricks. King’s Cross station is a station in London and this platform is the starting point of the Hogwarts Express journey.
  • Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, Honeydukes and Owl Post are some of the popular shops from the Harry Potter movies. The shops, decorated with fine details both inside and outside, will be familiar to those who have seen the movie.

Universal Harry Potter Tablolari
Universal Harry Potter Bankasi
  • By purchasing a wand, you can make your dreams come true in the magical world of Harry Potter. When you make the right movements in the right place with the wand, you seem to perform various spells, but when you extend the wand’s sensor to the right place, the spell is activated in a few seconds. In Ollivander’s shop, magic wands cost around 50$.

Universal Orlando Floride Diagon Alley Harry Potter Sihirleri Semsiye
The magic umbrella in Diagon Alley. Water flows out of the umbrella when magic is done.
Universal Orlando Tema Parki Diagon Alley Sokagi
  • In the world of Harry Potter, you’ll see medallions on the grounds that are related to spells, and when you hover over them and aim at the camera sensors, the spell starts to work. Around these medallions you can see children and adults lined up to cast the spell or the guide who casts the spell.
  • The dragon on Gringotts bank makes a big noise every 10-15 minutes and after a few seconds it shoots flames out of its mouth. Remember to look at the dragon as soon as you hear the noise. When the flames come out, you feel a pleasant warmth. The flames are not real, they are made with special effects. So it doesn’t burn.

Universal Orlando Tema Parki Agzindan Alev Cikaran Ejderha
Ağzından alev çıkaran ejderha - Diagon Yolu
Universal Orlando Tema Parki Gezilecek Yerler
  • If you enter the red phone box and dial 62442, which stands for MAGIC, you can contact the Ministry of Magic and receive a special message. The Ministry of Magic is a government body that governs the wizarding world in the UK.
  • Towards the end of the day, the night light show at Hogwarts is a must-see. The light show called Projection Mapping, which is projected onto the castle, is extraordinary. It lasts about 5 minutes and there are a couple of fireworks towards the end of the show. The place overlooking the castle will probably be too full so you won’t be able to move forward and see the castle. If the theme park closes at 20:00, there will probably be less people watching the last show. Because other visitors will have watched the previous shows and left the theme park. One of the benefits of staying there until the park closes.

Universal Islands Of Adventure Hogwarts Kalesi
Hogwarts Castle where the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride takes place
Universal Islands Of Adventure Night Light Show
Light show after sunset