Things to Do in Gerze

Things to Do in Gerze

Gerze, which was found eligible for the Cittaslow (calm city) philosophy in 2017. This is a small town. Gerze was known as the place where Aydın, a white whale escaping from the Soviet Union, took refuge and made friends. In order to get to know Gerze better, it is necessary to come to this town, to see it, to feel its nature and spirit in person.

Although Gerze is a small place, there are many things to do. By spending a few days here, you can both experience peace and explore its nature. We have prepared a small list of things to do in Gerze for you. I hope it will be useful.

Gerze Sahil Duvar Resmi

Taste the flavors of Gerze

When you go to Gerze, there are some foods that you should definitely taste. The most beautiful among these is walnut mantı. Manti with walnuts must be tried in Gerze, they make it very well. On top of the normal mantı, not yogurt, but oily walnuts are put. You should also try a Gerze bagel with the tea you drink at breakfast. They are like normal bagels, but smaller in radius and thinner. There is another very oily dish called Tirit. Yufkas are arranged around the tray, butter is poured over each one and chicken broth and chicken pieces are placed in the empty space in the middle. It’s a bit greasy, but it’s worth a try. They also have a dish called nokul, which is more like a rolled pastry. It comes with walnuts, minced meat and potatoes.

The best anchovies from the Black Sea region come from Gerze. For this reason, you will see dozens of fishing boats in Gerze during the hunting season. You hear Gerze anchovies a lot. There is also Gerze pita bread, a kind of meat bread. It is made of thin dough and delicious.

Gerze Kupler Kafe Manzarasi
Gerze Küpler Kafe View

There are nice places to eat and drink in Gerze. Küpler Cafe and Lila Cafe near Gerze beach are two of the most popular places in the region.  You can find many foods including homemade ravioli in these places.

If you crave tripe soup at night, there is a soup shop at the intersection of İskele Street with Salih Usta Street, where you can have a nice soup. If you want to have a cup of tea overlooking the Gerze pier and harbor, choose the upper floor of the İskele Family Tea Garden on the right at the entrance of Gerze Pier.

Sinop Gerze Aile Cay Bahcesi Iskele
Tea Garden from Gerze Pier
Gerze Limani Gece Goruntusu Fotografi
Night Photo from Gerze Pier Tea Garden

Rent a bike

There are a few sea bikes on the left side of Gerze Pier. Rent one of these sea bikes and see Gerze from the sea. You can also rent a land bike if you want. On the right side of the road descending from İskele Street to İskele Park, you can rent a bicycle and visit Gerze and walk around İskele Park.

Gerze Bisiklet Kiralama Dukkani Iskele
Gerze Bisiklet Surme Yolu

By the way, there is a bicycle lane in Gerze, but the bicycle lane is not taken into consideration. There may be people parking on the bike path during holidays and weddings, don’t let this bother you. Everywhere in Gerze already has roads you can use for bicycles.

Go to the sea

The Black Sea region is our only region with intense and rough sea waves. You cannot swim everywhere here. Gerze has an important place in the Black Sea region in terms of sea tourism. You can easily enter the sea in the facilities built in the harbor where the boats are sheltered.

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See Yakup Aga Mansion

Yakup Aga Mansion is one of the few houses that survived the Gerze houses fire. The building, which clearly reveals the architecture of Gerze, has a colorful and high quality workmanship. The mansion was built in 1911 by Yakup Aga, the son of Circassian Hacı Zekeriye Efendi, who came to Gerze from the Caucasus region under Russian pressure, and skilled Russian journeymen worked on the mansion. Doors, ceilings and cabinets are decorated with various floral and geometric patterns. Timber from Russia was used in the construction of the mansion, so the construction is of high quality. However, since Yakup Aga was already a merchant engaged in the timber trade, it was not difficult to get timber from abroad.

Sinop Gerze Yakup Aga Konagi Gezilecek Yerler
Sinop Gerze Yakup Aga Konagi Gezi Yazisi

The mansion was designed to have four shops, a kitchen, laundry and two bakeries on the ground floor. There are 12 rooms, 6 toilets and 6 bathrooms on the upper floors. In 2005, the building was restored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and after 3 years, the restoration was completed and brought to tourism.

Eat mussels

If you love mussels, get ready. I will recommend you a nice place. There is a small mussel shop on the right at the entrance of Gerze Pier. Whenever we are in Gerze, we come here every day and eat 15-20 of them.

Watch Gerze from Above

Let’s go outside Gerze for a while. Piretün Bahçesi, a wonderful cafe on Sinop Bafra Road, overlooking Gerze and the harbor from slightly above, has a beautiful landscape and a wonderful view.  The prices are reasonable and I recommend tirileçe among the desserts. It has an ambiance that is unrivaled in Gerze. Nice and calm music is also played in the background, it has a decent atmosphere.

Sinop Gerze Manzarasi Fotografi
Gerze Photos
Gerze Piretun Bahcesi Peyzaj
Gerze Piretün Bahçesi

Get on the Lighthouse

Go all the way to the lighthouse on the left side of Gerze Harbor. From the lighthouse, see how the breakwaters soften the rough waves of the Black Sea. In the past, all areas except the lighthouse were built by filling the sea. The large stones in Gerze Port, which served as a harbor for fishermen and boats amid the raging waves of the Black Sea, were transported by trucks one by one and it was an endless construction.

Sinop Gerze Deniz Feneri Dalgakiran Limani

Walk in Iskele Park

İskele Park and its beach facing the sea is a walking area where Gerze people walk in the evenings, cyclists ride bicycles, souvenirs and food such as corn are sold. You can sit on the benches and watch the moon or sit on the rocks overlooking the calm sea and gaze at the stars in the sky.

Gerze Sahil Gezi Notlari
Gerze Places to Visit

The artificial waterfall in İskele Park is also pleasant. Grab a cup of tea, sit on the grass and spend your time in the middle of calmness. The bridge looks like the Mostar Bridge in the photo, but it’s tiny, let’s not mislead you.

Sinop Gerze Iskele Parki Koprusu
Gerze Iskele Parki Dinlencesi

Explore its nature

If you think Gerze is just this small place by the sea, you are wrong. Like many places, Gerze has natural beauties that open up as you go in. As you move inland, there are villages, waterfalls, mountains and hills that make you feel like you are in the Eastern Black Sea. The Sorkun Waterfalls next to Sorkun Village, 20 km from Gerze, are worth seeing. Acısu is one of the places where you can see Gerze from a distance and from above among Gerze forests.

Gerze Karadeniz Dogasi