16 Things to Know Before Traveling to Universal Orlando

Before heading to Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida theme and amusement parks at Universal Orlando Resort, I have a few tips that you should know before you go, to make your trip more planned and comfortable.

Going to Universal for the first time can be a bit confusing as there is a lot to take into account. But it’s nothing to worry about, you can take advantage with a few little information. The aim of this type of theme park is to have as little queuing as possible while the theme park is open. There is a line at every attraction, but you need to chase the times when the line is shorter. In addition, a few small tips are important so that there are no surprises when you arrive.

  • Visitors start flowing around 09:00 – 10:00. You can save a lot of time by entering all potential queued places during this time. For this reason, you should check the opening hours of the amusement park in advance and be at the gate half an hour before the opening. Harry Potter has a special place in Universal. To make sure you don’t miss anything important before entering this world, visit the What You Need to Know About Harry Potter page.

Harry Potter Ejderhasi
Harry Potter Bankasi Memurlari
  • If you go to the theme park alone, some rides have special lines for Single Riders. Even if you are not traveling alone, you can use these lines if you don’t mind riding the rides alone. This single pass issue is actually like this. Normally in theme parks, you are asked how many people you are before you are admitted to the rides. If you are going as a couple, they seat 2 people in a seat for 3 people, and in the other seat they seat the single riders we mentioned and they make it three. This is how they fill the gaps before the ride starts. You can see the rides with Single Riders rows below.
    • Universal Studios Florida: Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, Men in Black, Revenge of the Mummy and Transformers hats with single ride option.
    • Universal Islands of Adventure: The Amazing Adventure of Spider-Man, Dr. Doom’s Fearfall, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, The Incredible Hulk Coaster lines feature Single Riders.
  • Express Pass ticket: There is another way to get a fast pass without waiting in lines and dozens of people. But it’s a bit more expensive. Universal FastPass (Express Pass as it is called in Orlando) is a type of ticket with fast pass. Express Pass ticket price varies according to the season. It is debatable how necessary the Express Pass is for those who think economically. We didn’t buy this ticket that gives us Express Pass and we were able to ride all the rides we wanted. Depending on the timing, period and good research, you need to decide whether you need it or not. If you didn’t plan your vacation for when the amusement parks are busy, it’s not worth paying that much money. But if you go and see that it is crowded and wish you had bought an Express Pass, you can also buy it inside.
  • You can organize your food and beverage needs according to your economic situation. There are things you can try inside. If you want to save money, you can also bring sandwiches that you prepare yourself or buy cheaper. But because of the shaking of the rides, going on an empty stomach will cause nausea, so you need to eat something inside. You can eat outside of 12:00 – 14:00, which is usually people’s lunch time, so you don’t have to wait in the food lines. For $10 – $15 you can buy theme park cups and have unlimited drinks throughout the day. You will see this glass in most of the visitors.
  • Before you go, definitely download the free Universal Orlando mobile app that supports Android and IOS systems. Theme park apps have features such as waiting times, restaurant hours, show times, theme park maps that are important enough to save your day. So you can plan according to how long the line is. There is even a feature like let me know when the waiting time drops below this time.
Universal Florida Mobil Uygulamasi
Universal Studios Mobile App
  • Some of the games have height restrictions. Children under a certain height are not allowed on the ride. This is something to pay attention to if you are traveling with children. When visiting theme parks with children, you need to prefer areas that are for children and quieter.

Universal Orlando Tema Parklari Gezi Noktalari
Universal Orlando Tema Parklari Tarihi Binalar
  • When you enter the thematic parks, make sure you get a brochure with a theme park map. The attendants give it to you, but don’t forget to take it. As soon as you get the map, start learning what is where, try to read the map. You can even try to understand the map and make your next plans while waiting in the ride queues.
Universal Orlando Tema Parklari Plan Nasil Yapilir
Universal Amusement Park Map
  • Shopping in theme parks is also a madness. At the end of each section, the doors open to shops with dozens of souvenirs related to that section, such as t-shirts, toys, cups. There is an upward price scale, with the simplest object costing 10$.
  • There are drinking fountains in many parts of the park, mostly near the toilets. You can bring a plastic bottle with you and fill it up and drink from these fountains continuously. In fact, there is no need for a plastic bottle, you can drink from these fountains whenever you want.
  • Taking a small bag with you to theme parks will not be a problem, but big bags can be a problem. Some rides require you to put your bag in lockers and if your bag doesn’t fit, there may be a problem. A small fanny pack or a small sized backpack will do the trick.
  • We bought a waterproof, white poncho to avoid getting wet during the water rides. It worked very well for us. Ponchos are also sold in theme parks. Also, the lockers in the water rides are not free like the others. If you want to put your bag in the lockers so that it doesn’t get wet, you can put it in the lockers starting from 4$. We took our bag with us and also a bag. We put the bag in the bag during the ride and the ponchos that got wet after the ride in the bag and completed the rides without getting wet.

Universal Orlando Tema Parklari Su Gecirmez Panco
How to avoid getting wet during watery rides
Universal Orlando Tema Parklari Sudan Korunma Yontemleri
  • If you don’t mind getting wet, our advice is to skip all water rides at once. Although it is faster to dry off on sunny days, you can also dry off after water rides in sunless weather or in late hours when the sun is not effective, by using the hot blowing vents in the neighborhood that you can run for a few minutes for a fee. We also saw people undressing down to their underwear because they were soaked to the skin.
  • Not only the crowds, but also the weather is very important in the theme park. Good weather is very important for you to have an unforgettable day. Summer months are the hottest months in Orlando. If you intend to go in summer, be prepared for the heat and humidity. Hats and sunscreen are indispensable. We went in the fall and luckily the hurricane was there a week before us.
  • There is no harm in taking your phone, you can even take your camera. But be careful with the battery, no one wants their phone to run out of battery in such an environment. There is free wifi internet service with very good reception in the theme parks.
  • If you’re planning a trip to Universal Orlando with kids, there are a few things you should know in order to make the most of your vacation. First, be sure to purchase tickets in advance so that you can take advantage of any special offers or discounts that may be available. Second, consider staying at one of the on-site hotels so that you can take advantage of early park admission and other perks. Third, be sure to pack snacks and drinks for the kids so that they can stay hydrated and fueled throughout the day. Finally, don’t forget to bring along any necessary items like strollers or car seats.
  • Visit the Universal Studios Travel Guide page for more information, from the parking lot where you will park your car on your Universal trip, to the entrance fees of the theme parks, to which dates are best for you to visit.