14 Things To Know Before Your First Visit to Disney World

There are a few things you should know before going to the Walt Disney theme and amusement parks in Florida, located in the southern part of the USA, or rather, there are a few things I can suggest to make your trip more comfortable and relaxed.

It is useful to check the opening and closing times before you go to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom. In case there is a change in demand, you should learn the current hours the night before and act accordingly. Here are some Disney World tips.

Things to Know Before Going to Disney World

  • Don’t go to the amusement parks late, go as early as possible. You will reduce the time you will lose both in the parking lot and at the toll booths. It is necessary to be ready at the entrance before the Disney parks open in the morning. From the first minutes of the day, it is necessary to get on the rides with as little queuing as possible. You can even join a ride more than once before the crowd gets dense.
  • If you are visiting Walt Disney for the first time, the box office staff will give you a badge with a first-time visitor badge.
  • If you are visiting Walt Disney in summer, make sure you bring a hat and sunscreen as you will be exposed to the sun a lot. It will hurt a lot later 🙂

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What to know before going to Walt Disney World
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First time Disney World tips
  • There are drinkable water points inside the theme park. You can bring refillable bottles from outside, but if you don’t, you can still benefit from the drinking water fountains inside.
  • All entertainment leads to a shop in the concept of the entertainment you enter. And as you can imagine, the prices in these shops are quite high. If you want to buy something as a souvenir, you can try the shopping stores in Orlando.
  • What you need to do for good planning is to download the My Disney Experience app on your mobile phone. There is an app for both Android and IOS. My Disney Experience is an app that allows you to see how long the queue is for each event. You can avoid long queues by checking the waiting times.
  • You can order food using the My Disney Experience app and avoid waiting in line. After ordering, click the I’m Here button. You will be notified when your food is ready.
  • If you are traveling to Orlando with children, do not forget that the height of your children is an important issue in Magic Kingdom. There is a certain height criterion for each ride, but if your child is below this criterion, you cannot participate in the ride.
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  • It’s important to be prepared for water rides. If you don’t have anything to protect you from the water, you will also have to dry yourself. Theme parks sell ponchos for a few dollars. We found them very useful both at Universal Studios and Walt Disney. Since we could put it over the bag, there was no need to leave it in the paid lockers on the water rides to prevent our belongings from getting wet. If you have a bag with you, you can put both your bag during the ride and your wet items or poncho in this bag after the ride.
  • One of the most popular activities at Walt Disney World is having your photo taken with Disney’s famous characters. Cinderella, Ariel, Donald Duck, Winnie The Pooh & Tigger, Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Minnie Mouse and many other Disney characters.
  • If you have a child who cannot participate in the rides, you can benefit from Child Swap or Ride Swap. One adult participates in the ride, the other waits for the child. When the ride is over, the other adult takes care of the child, while the adult taking care of the child joins the ride without waiting in line again.
  • Restaurants, food, drinks in theme parks are expensive in general, they are also expensive at Walt Disney, so before you enter the park, prepare yourself a nice sandwich. And you can eat this sandwich while waiting. This way you won’t waste time both in the food line and while eating. You can also consider different alternatives such as chips, cookies, tuna fish. All that running around makes you hungry and you want to fill your stomach somehow.

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  • In the last minutes of the day, you can get a chance to ride in lines that last for hours during the day. Get in line even if there are 2 minutes to go before the closing time, the people in line will surely get on the ride.

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  • Walt Disney’s lower level is a labyrinth of tunnels to allow staff and their belongings to move from one area to another more easily and unseen by visitors. The lower level is a different world for the employees, including offices, food preparation points, laundries for costumes, maintenance systems, hair and makeup areas. When you visit Disney, you realize that nothing but the concept is visible. The reason why there are trees everywhere is to isolate everything. Even airplanes are blocked from the sky so as not to miss the magic of Disney.

If you’re visiting Orlando, chances are good that you’ll want to check out Magic Kingdom. This iconic theme park is home to some of the most popular rides and attractions in the city, and it’s definitely worth a visit.