Tintagel Castle of King Arthur at Cornwall

If you’re looking for an amazing historical experience, then you should definitely consider visiting Tintagel Castle in the UK. Located on the north coast of Cornwall, this castle is steeped in mystery and legend.

It is believed to have been the birthplace of King Arthur, one of Britain’s most famous kings. The castle has a fascinating history that dates back to the 5th century and is said to be the place where Uther Pendragon impregnated Ygraine, who gave birth to Arthur. Even today, it’s still shrouded in a certain air of mystique.

In this blog post, we will explore what makes Tintagel Castle so unique and why you should visit if you ever have the chance.

Tintagel Castle history

Tintagel Castle is a medieval castle located in the village of Tintagel in Cornwall, England. The castle is built on a clifftop overlooking the sea, and is reachable only by foot.

It is thought to be the birthplace of King Arthur, and has been designated as a World Heritage Site.

The first recorded mention of Tintagel Castle was in 1138, when it was mentioned in a charter of Henry I. The castle was likely built sometime in the 12th century, though little is known about its early history.

In 1233, the castle was granted to Richard, Earl of Cornwall by Henry III. Richard greatly expanded the castle, adding a keep and outer walls.

Tintagel Castle Island
Colin Mayes

During the Hundred Years’ War between England and France, Tintagel Castle was captured by the French and then retaken by the English.

In 1462, it was partially destroyed by Lancastrian troops during the Wars of the Roses. After this, it fell into ruin and was never rebuilt.

Today, visitors can explore the remains of Tintagel Castle and imagine what life would have been like there centuries ago.

Things to know before visiting

Tintagel Castle is a picturesque clifftop ruin on the north coast of Cornwall, England. It has been an important site for centuries, associated with the legend of King Arthur and used as a castle by the Earls of Cornwall.

Visiting Tintagel Castle is always exciting, but there are some things to consider before your visit to ensure you get the most out of your experience.

  • In the castle you will see today, you will see ruins from the old times. They are mostly ruins, but you can get an idea of what they are through information boards.
  • Since the castle is located on the coast, the winter season is often characterized by bad weather. Therefore, it is closed most of the time during the winter season. There are times when it is open on weekends, but it may also be closed on weekends if the weather conditions worsen.
  • When planning your visit, it is best to check online for updates or warnings about closures due to bad weather or dangerous conditions such as high winds.
  • When visiting Tintagel Castle, it is also important that visitors wear sturdy footwear suitable for walking on uneven terrain and bring plenty of water for walking on the grounds. As this is a cliff-top site, care should be taken when approaching cliff edges; children should always be under adult supervision when navigating these dangerous areas.
Tintagel Castle Beaches Cornwall
  • Since you are on the coast, it is important to choose clothes that will protect you from the wind. There are very few days without a breeze.
  • You can make reservations online. Choose the day and time of the day and check if there is availability during the period you are available. You don’t want to spend hours queuing to buy a ticket.
  • Another advantage of buying your tickets online is that you can get tickets cheaper than at the box office. This is another incentive to book your seat before you go.
  • Of course, in a region where it rains most days of the year, it is difficult to predict when the weather will be good. But if possible, try to book your ticket when the weather is good. In rainy and windy weather, you may not be able to enjoy where you look or where you step.

It used to be difficult and inconvenient to reach the island from the mainland. You had to cross a dangerous and tiring path over a cliff. Now you can easily cross over via the bridge.

Tintagel Castle Bridge Cornwall

Statue of King Arthur

The statue of King Arthur at Tintagel Castle is a stunning work of art that stands as a tribute to the legendary figure.

The statue stands tall against the backdrop of Cornwall’s rugged landscape, with the sword Excalibur thrust into the ground and draped in an impressive cloak.

Tintagel Castle King Arthur Statue
Rob Sutherland

Visitors come from all over to admire this iconic symbol of British mythology, making it one of the UK’s most visited tourist attractions.

When is the best time to visit Tintagel Castle?

The best time to visit Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, England is from April through October. During these months, the temperature and weather are ideal for exploring the castle ruins as well as taking advantage of all that the surrounding area has to offer.

As one of England’s most popular tourist attractions, it’s important to book your tickets ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment on arrival.

In peak season (July and August), visitors should expect large crowds so plan accordingly if you want a more peaceful experience. The summer months also bring longer days which gives you more time to explore this awe-inspiring place!

Hotels near Tintagel Castle

The closest hotel to Tintagel Castle is Camelot Castle Hotel, with wonderful castle views. Camelot Castle Hotel is an exclusive hotel located in the heart of Tintagel, Cornwall.

Cornwall Camelot Castle Hotel England

This charming castle overlooks the beautiful North Cornish Coast and offers guests a truly magical experience.

Rooms are individually designed to reflect King Arthur’s court with ornate furnishings, rich fabrics and tapestries made from local wool. Further into the town you will find hotels with more affordable prices.

RV Parks

If you are looking for caravan accommodation, there is a quiet and relaxing caravan site very close to the castle. The Headland Caravan Park is a tidy caravan park with clean showers and toilets.


What is Tintagel Castle famous for?

Tintagel Castle is most famous for its associations with the legend of King Arthur. According to the 12th century historian Geoffrey of Monmouth, Tintagel was the birthplace of Arthur.

The castle became a popular destination in the Victorian era when interest in the legend of King Arthur was at its height. Today, Tintagel Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cornwall.

Can I see Tintagel Castle without paying?

Yes, you can see Tintagel Castle without paying! The castle is located on a headland and can be seen from many points along the coast.

Walking in the areas around the National Trust Glebe Cliffs and Camelot Castle Hotel also provides good views.

Is Tintagel Castle worth it?

If you’re wondering whether Tintagel Castle is worth visiting, the answer is a resounding yes! This picturesque ruined castle sits atop a dramatic cliff overlooking the sea, and has a fascinating history to boot.

Is tintagel castle dog friendly?

Tintagel Castle is certainly a paw-friendly place to visit!

Where is Tintagel Castle?

Tintagel Castle is located in Cornwall, England. The castle is situated on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can reach the castle by taking a ferry from Plymouth or by driving from London.

How to get to Tintagel Castle?

Tintagel Castle is about halfway between Port Isaac and Boscastle on the north coast of Cornwall. The castle is about 0.5 miles from Tintagel, the nearest village.

There is little in the way of public transportation, so it is most convenient to get here by your own car.

Parking at Tintagel

There are no parking spaces provided by English Heritage around Tintagel Castle. However, there are Pay & Display parking lots in the vicinity.

The Tintagel visitor center parking lot also charges an hourly fee between 09:00 – 17:00. From 17:00 until the morning it is free. You should plan to spend 3-4 hours during your visit.

Places to see around

Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel Castle

Merlin’s Cave at Tintagel Castle is a legendary cave located near the south coast of Cornwall, England.

The mythical wizard Merlin was said to have been born in this cave, and it has become an important part of local folklore. The entrance to the cave is just below the cliff where Tintagel Castle stands.

Tintagel Castle Merlins Cave Cornwall
George Plakides

Inside there are many interesting features including a pool that is believed to be where King Arthur drew Excalibur from the stone.

Those who venture into Merlin’s Cave will enjoy breathtaking views across the Atlantic Ocean as well as being able to soak up some magical atmosphere!

King Arthur’s Great Halls

King Arthur’s Great Halls are a marvelous sight to behold. Located in rural England, the hall was originally built as a grand banqueting or feasting hall for King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

King Arthurs Great Halls
Tracey Deaking

Inside, guests can explore two vaulted halls surrounded by stunning stained glass windows that allow natural light to fill the building inside.

The walls are adorned with paintings depicting scenes from medieval life and battles fought by King Arthur’s knights while intricate carvings line the ceilings above.

Tintagel Old Post Office

Tintagel Old Post Office is a historic building situated on the north coast of Cornwall in England. The post office dates back to the 15th century and has been described as one of the most romantic places in Britain.

It was once home to a family who ran it as a working post office until its closure in 1903, after which it fell into disrepair.

Old Post Office Tintagel Cornwall
Baz Richardson
Old Post Office Tintagel Cornwall Inside
James Greig

Nowadays, Tintagel Old Post Office is managed by English Heritage and serves as an iconic tourist attraction where visitors can explore its winding staircases, picturesque rooms, and ancient stone walls.

Furthermore, there are also several legends associated with this place that add an extra layer of charm and mystique: allegedly King Arthur himself was born here!


Visiting Tintagel Castle is an experience that truly brings the past to life. Not only can you explore the ancient ruins and beautiful grounds of this unique location, but also learn about its fascinating history and legends.