Safranbolu City History Museum

The former Government Mansion, now the Safranbolu City History Museum, was built in 1906 with the support of the people of Safranbolu on the hill known as the castle of Safranbolu.

The 3-storey Government Mansion, which is made of cut stone and has a striking architecture, was destroyed by fire in 1976. At that time, when it was decided that those who did not have a title deed should leave their homes, the people of Safranbolu, who opposed this decision, wanted to burn all the documents in the Government House and as a result, the building was exposed to fire. Although the building became unusable as a result of the fire, it was restored by the Ministry of Culture between 2000 and 2006.

Hukumet Konagi

This historical building, which can be seen from many points of Safranbolu, has an area of 800 m². Sample shops of artisans and craftsmen are exhibited on the ground floor of the museum. There are recreations of the working environments of many tradesmen from shoemakers to Safranbolu’s first pharmacist, from Turkish delight makers to tailors, from saddlers to woodworkers.

On the ground floor of the museum, there are photographs related to the history of Safranbolu. The room on the right side of the entrance floor is the computer history room. This room, where computers, laptops and disks from the invention of the computer to the present day are exhibited, may be of interest to computer lovers. In the other rooms, there are artifacts related to the history of Safranbolu and the Government Building in which it is located.

Safranbolu Kent Muzesi Bilgisayar Tarihi
Safranbolu Kent Muzesi Sergisi

On the upper floor, traditional clothes worn by the people of Safranbolu are exhibited. In addition to the clothes, various coins, archaeological finds and nostalgic objects are among the exhibited artifacts.

Safranbolu Kent Muzesi Kiyafetleri
Safranbolu Kent Muzesi Eserleri

There is a very important building in the garden of the government building. Safranbolu Clock Tower, one of the 3 important works of İzzet Mehmet Pasha. Entrance to the clock tower is possible with your city museum ticket. When you go up to the tower, İsmail Ulukaya Usta welcomes you and gives you information about the history of the clock.

Safranbolu Saat Kulesi Binasi
Safranbolu Saat Kulesi Donanimi

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