Museum Pass Istanbul + Turkey

Museum Pass is one of the indispensable cards in our wallets. In every city in Turkey, you will surely come across a museum where you can use the Museum Pass, although there are many more in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. This card, which you can easily get, is required to enter museums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture for free. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend it.

What is a Museum Pass?

What does Museum Pass do? It allows us to visit dozens of museums in Turkey affiliated to the Ministry of Culture with a single card without paying any fees. We renew our Museum Pass regularly every year. Because in many places we visit, there are museums and archaeological sites that we can enter for free with Museum Pass. If you care about art and culture, we recommend you to get a Museum Pass and use it at every opportunity.

Why you should buy a Museum Pass Turkey?

If you have a clear schedule of things to do on your trip to Turkey and want to spend time with cultural activities, you should definitely buy a Museum Pass Turkey. Especially if you are traveling to Turkey in summer, I highly recommend e-tickets or museum passes.

First, let’s talk about e-tickets. E-tickets can be purchased at, the official page of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. E-tickets are the same price as museum entrances. The advantage is that you will not wait in line in front of the museum. There are also e-tickets that allow you to enter more than one museum or archaeological site, such as a combined ticket.

Some museums and archaeological sites in Turkey are bigger and more expensive than others. You can compensate for this price difference with a Museum Pass. Museum Pass is a very reasonable option to visit them all. You just pay the card fee and then you can quickly enter all the tourist attractions you can enter with this card without waiting in line and you can pass directly through the turnstiles.

Is Museum Pass advantageous?

Of course your Museum Pass is advantageous. If you have a Museum Pass, you will have the opportunity to pass quickly in museums such as Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Ephesus where there are many queues for tickets and box offices. You can pass dozens of people who want to buy tickets in an instant and enter the museum. More importantly, if you are someone who likes to visit museums all the time, you will amortize the Museum Pass fee within a year.

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Where is the Museum Pass not valid? There are a few places affiliated to the Ministry of Culture where the Museum Pass is not valid. More precisely, let me put it this way, there are places where you can enter with the Museum Pass, but you cannot enter the special sections inside. One of these is the harem chamber of Topkapı Palace and the Hagia Irene Memorial Museum, the Slope Houses in Ephesus in Izmir and the Dark Church in Göreme Open Air Museum are places that can be entered by paying a fee.

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Where is the Museum Pass valid?

Where can you enter with the Museum Pass? With the Museum Pass, you can enter hundreds of museums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture for free. Visit the official website of the Ministry of Culture for a complete list of the museums where the Museum Pass is valid and where you can enter for free with the Museum Pass.

How many days is the Turkey Museum Pass?

Museum Passes have a certain duration and you can see how many days they are valid below.

Museum Pass Turkey: 15 days
Museum Pass Istanbul: 5 days
Museum Pass Cappadocia: 3 days
Mediterranean Museum Pass: 7 days
Museum Pass The Aegean: 7 days

How to buy the Museum Pass Turkey online

15-day Museum Pass Turkey, Museum Pass Istanbul, Museum Pass Cappadocia, Museum Pass Mediterranean or Museum Pass Aegean cards can be purchased online at Museum Pass official website