Types of Caravans


One of the things that adventure-hungry individuals want is to convert a vehicle into a caravan. Our plan is to buy a caravan in the future and continue our life with a caravan. Of course, we don’t know when this will happen. But we want to do something like this when we find the opportunity.

There are many factors that need to be considered to turn a vehicle into a caravan, and each of them is very important in itself. Vehicle research and comparisons between vehicles are very important for those who want to travel the world by caravan. Because, when you think about it, it is necessary to scrutinize as if you were buying a house for yourself. Caravanning, fitting your life into an average of 10 m2, what it is like to have a living room, bedroom, kitchen in a single room, do you really want this, you need to weigh it first.

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There are many points to consider when choosing a caravan. Size, interior design, power, person capacity, toilet needs, free space… Caravan selection is actually progressing in the direction of finding the most suitable vehicle by considering all these needs in parallel. Because we all have different standards underlying the idea of living in a caravan. While some of us choose a caravan based on comfort, others think that it is not that important to be comfortable, let it take me everywhere. Of course, it is possible to waive both of these options and choose a middle-of-the-road vehicle. We believe that we can share our research and thoughts with you and create an idea in the minds of those who want to continue on their way with a caravan.

Caravan Types

Caravans are vehicles with their own types and choosing a caravan is a priority on this long journey. Let’s talk about which caravan is how by dividing the caravan types into three main groups. In all of these caravans, it is possible to install and use everything necessary for living, such as a home refrigerator, a stove in the kitchen, even solar panels that can convert solar energy into electricity and a life battery.

Towed Caravan

Trailer-type towing caravans are the type of caravans that are attached to the drawbar of cars and towed. The choice of towing caravan should be associated with the engine power and towing capacity of your vehicle. You should consider a caravan by knowing the maximum towing weight of your vehicle. Towing caravans are also divided into two. Under 750 kg and above. Caravans over 750 kg are subject to license.

Caretta Caravan: Another distinguishing feature is the number of axles. Some of the large caravans have twin axles. Twin-axle caravans have poor maneuverability but good handling. Because they are large, they are preferred by vehicles with powerful engines. There is also the laretta caravan, single axle and much smaller. Caretta caravans also have off-road types that adapt to heavier terrain conditions. Suitable for all vehicle groups, these mini towing caravans are usually sized to fit a bed for two people. Caretta caravans do not have toilets and you have to go outside to reach the kitchen. Weighing under 750 kg, they do not require a license.

I think the pros of the towed caravan are ideal for short-term travel. But it is not a type of caravan that we would prefer with factors such as parking problems, difficulty of use in the city, on narrow roads, and lack of living space inside. Because we can already do these with our passenger car and tent.

Advantages of towable caravans
With motorhomes, you can go to your destination, leave the motorhome there and continue your life with your passenger car.
Motorhomes have high taxes and you have to get a visa every year. Towable caravans do not have this problem. Moreover, since towed caravans do not have bridge problems, you can cross any bridge you want.

Motorhomes, also called campervans, are vehicles formed by decorating the interior of panel van type vehicles in accordance with living conditions. These vehicles are not independent from the vehicle like a towing caravan, but the vehicle itself is also used as a caravan. Motorhomes are also divided into various groups. Vehicles with the protrusion of the vehicle on the driver are called alkoven caravans. Although it is the most spacious vehicle among motorhomes, its use on the roads is more limited and restricted than others. Semi-Integrated Caravans are alcove-free. Such vehicles have a more compact structure.

The advantages of this type of caravans are that they have a living space inside. You can sleep, cook your food, watch television inside the vehicle without going outside. Some vehicles can even have a toilet and bathroom. The negative side is that you need to be in a good financial situation to have such a caravan.

Advantages of a motorhome
Motorhomes are especially preferred when it comes to safety. Because you are already inside the motorhome and the doors are locked. When a problem occurs, you can immediately start your vehicle and leave the area you are in.
When you go to the highlands and springs, you usually go out of cliffy places and motorhomes may be more suitable for the safety and engine power of the vehicle. Towing motorhomes can be more challenging to control in off-road conditions.
Motorhomes have an advantage over towed caravans when it comes to finding a parking space. It is necessary to think about where you will park or store towed caravans. While motorhomes occupy a parking space for one vehicle, towed caravans can occupy a space for three vehicles.
Converted Caravan

Panel vans are vehicles that ideally have the capacity to be converted into caravans. In fact, if you look at it, when we think of a caravan as a living space, we can understand that even Fiat Doblo or SUVs with a wide back are suitable for caravan construction.

4x4sprinter Karavan
Landrover Defender Campervan

Things to Consider When Choosing a Caravan

We mentioned that the size of the vehicle is an important factor when choosing a caravan. We also need to know the lists of expenses we need to make regularly, such as inspection time and fee, compulsory traffic insurance and motor vehicle tax for caravans. If you frequently use Istanbul and the Marmara Region, you need to know that the fees and rights of the gulf crossing and strait crossing vary according to the vehicle class. In some vehicles, the wheelbase and short or long chassis can cause serious differences in prices. Driving license types may also differ. Vehicles weighing under 3500 kg can be driven by type B drivers’ licenses, while vehicles over 3.5 tons are heavy vehicles.

One of the factors we need to determine before we start the process of converting large vehicles into caravans, which we call campervans, is the traction of the vehicle. In addition to 4WD vehicles such as the Mercedes Sprinter, we will also examine front-wheel drive (FWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Front Wheel Drive Vans (FWD): We can see Peugeot Boxer, Fiat Ducato, Renault Master among the front-wheel drive vans preferred for caravans. Front-wheel drive vehicles use fuel better and burn less. They are more advantageous in terms of height and width. These vehicles, which provide less grip, lose power when loaded.

Rear Wheel Drive Vans (RWD): Among the rear-wheel drive vans, we can show Volkswagen Crafter, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter and Iveco Dailiy vehicles that are suitable for caravans. These vehicles have better handling capacities. They have more powerful engine options because their traction is at the rear. They burn more.

Vehicle choices are all about the way you travel. You need to start deciding according to how many people you are, filter under which conditions you can spend your time and then decide. Of course, before buying a caravan, you should see what caravan life is like, so you need to rent a caravan first.