Using Google Map Offline


Google also supports travelers on mobile platforms and we can benefit from its offline map service. Google maps is one of the main mobile applications that we frequently use especially when traveling. However, when we are abroad, especially when we do not have internet, our efforts to use Google maps by searching for wi-fi can sometimes be fruitless.

It is possible to use Google maps as if there is internet even when there is no internet. Of course, for this, you should act at a time when there is internet and make your plan in advance. Google maps allows us to download a certain area and use it offline.

Google Maps Cevrimdisi Kullanma

To use Google Maps offline, first open the Google Maps application. Select Offline Areas from the menu and start creating an area for yourself with the checkmark at the bottom right.

Google Haritalarini Cevrimdisi Kullanmak Yazisi

The screen to select the area to download will appear. After selecting the area you want to view offline, select Download. After naming the area you want to download, the download will start. You can also view, delete or update your previous offline maps.

There are some things you need to pay attention to in order to use the maps offline. First of all, your phone must have enough capacity and free space to download your map. You need to be connected to wi-fi internet before downloading, otherwise the size of the map could be hundreds of megabytes, which could negatively affect your mobile data.