Using the Internet Abroad


Every traveler needs the internet when traveling abroad, to access Instagram, to share posts, to communicate with relatives via Skype, to look up information about the destination or to instantly look for accommodation. If you want to be very comfortable and have money, you can definitely get one of the country’s temporary lines. However, one of the methods you need to know to spend as little money as possible abroad is to use the internet connections in the neighborhood.

I wanted to prepare a guide to finding free wifi abroad by sharing with you the methods and experiences we used during our travels. There are some guaranteed places where you can find free wifi abroad. One of them is Information centers, which are frequented by tourists. In these shops for tourists, you can benefit from free wifi service as well as facilities such as maps, booklets, bus routes, sightseeing routes. And you don’t even need to go inside the shop for this. While in some tourist centers you have to approach the door, in some shops with powerful transmitters, you can sit on a park bench or park bench in front of the shop to get wifi internet.

Yuksek Hizli Tren Internet Kullanimi
Using the Internet Abroad

You can also use free internet at fast food chains like Burger King or McDonals, which we prefer for snacking. Starbucks, which can fulfill your coffee needs, also takes its place in this chain. Don’t forget to ask for the wifi password from the places where you eat. If you pass by there again another day, you can connect to the wifi and do your business.

When you are looking for a free wifi connection, apart from the options mentioned above, some of the businesses such as hotels and cafes can provide free wifi service for their guests or tourists to use. The wifi support of airports should also not be overlooked. Most airports offer free wifi service. If the airport requires a password, you can find the current passwords in the link below.

In addition, it is possible to find free internet in many places, especially in Europe. During our travels in the Baltic countries, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium, we did not stay without internet in small places, but more in large and touristic places. Here, especially in large squares, the square may have free wifi service.

Things to Consider When Using Public Internet

If you have found public, free or encrypted internet, it is worth being aware of information thieves. If there are malicious people on the other side of the network, they can monitor your network and see what you are doing online. I would not recommend doing financial transactions on public networks, such as logging into a bank account or entering credit card details. Imagine that someone you don’t know is looking at your phone. Would you enter your Facebook password? Or would you log into a dashboard with important information? Normally you would do this after making sure that the person is not looking at you, right? The same sensitivity is needed when using the free public internet, as if someone is looking at your phone. But you can check your destination, the weather, the news or the status of your flight with peace of mind.