Valletta Archaeological Museum

Located on Republic Street, known as the busiest street in Valletta, the National Archaeological Museum is housed in a building built in 1571. The museum, which exhibits many artifacts from the Neolithic period of Malta in 5000 BC to the Phoenician period of 400 BC, is a museum that history lovers definitely add to the list of places to visit during their visit to Valletta.

Opened in 1958, the 1st floor of the museum used to exhibit artifacts from the Fine Arts Museum. But then these artifacts were moved to the new building and it was turned into a full-fledged archaeology museum. Therefore, it was renamed the National Archaeological Museum instead of the National Museum.

Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Mezarlik
Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Kaplar

Among the artifacts exhibited are tools that facilitated the daily work of people living in prehistoric times and statuettes representing animals and human figures. Pots made during these periods can also be seen.

Among the prominent sculptures are the Sleeping Lady from the Hypogeum and the Venus of Malta from the Hagar Qim Temples. The Sleeping Lady figure symbolizes a woman lying on her side. The woman, who is depicted as quite fat, is thought to be either dead or in an eternal sleep.

Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Sleeping Lady Figuru
Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Venus Figuru

The Valletta Archaeological Museum also exhibits artifacts and grave goods from the surrounding ancient buildings, such as the Tarxien Temples.

Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Buluntular
Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Gomu Iskeleti

The Maltese islands are home to several megalithic structures of world significance. In the museum you can see models of the Temple of Ggantija, the Temples of Hagar Qim and Mnadrja and the Temple of Tarxien.

Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Tapinak Maketi
Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Tapinak Maketleri

The Valletta Archaeological Museum sheds light on Malta’s ancient history in general. Decorations made for the megalithic temples in Malta are also on display. In the ancient period, spiral shapes, animals, especially fish, and various plant motifs are among the predominant shapes.

Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Tapinak Suslemeleri
Valletta Arkeoloji Muzesi Tapinak Sekilleri

When you cross the bridge from the fountain where the buses depart and walk along Cumhuriyet Street, the archeology museum is on your left. It is right opposite McDonalds.

Address: Auberge de Provence, Republic Street, Valletta