Vatican Museums: The World’s Largest Collection of Museums


Vatican Museums, one of the most famous museums in the world, is a collection of buildings where many famous works are exhibited. There are sculptures and works of great names such as Caravaggio, Rafaello, Michelangelo, among others, and there are rightly very long queues in the museums.

Every room of the Vatican Museums and every work it houses are special works of art in their own right. The fact that each pope built his own museum has led the museum complex to be known as the Vatican Museums. We are sure that the Vatican Museum artifacts, sculptures, mummies and frescoes you will see while visiting the Vatican Museum will give you a great satisfaction.

Museo Pio Clementino

Pio-Clementino was founded in 1771 when Pope Clemens XIV collected a group of sculptures. The museum was developed in the following periods and the number of artworks it contains was increased. This museum, which includes ancient and Renaissance works, also exhibits Yuman sculptures today. The museum has many galleries with sculptures, busts and masks.

The statues of many animals are gathered in the hall with animal galleries. Horse, deer, lion, bird sculptures are all together. It is exciting to see all these sculptures together with the mythological animals of the ancient world.

Vatikan Muzesi Hayvan Heykelleri Galerisi
Vatikan Muzesi Hayvan Heykelleri Galerileri

The marble statues and bronze statues of Hercules in the niches in the circular rooms called Sala delle Muse (Round Hall) are also worth seeing. In the middle of these statues is a red basin with a 13-meter circumference. Below the basin is a wonderful floor mosaic.

Vatikan Muzesi Yunan Heykelleri Galerileri
Vatikan Muzesi Yunan Heykelleri Galerisi

The red sarcophagus in the room called Sala a Croce Greca, one of the few similar structures, is the tomb of Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great, and her daughter Constantina. The side faces depict scenes of fertility and hunting. In the center of the hall is a Greek mosaic with vibrant colors.

Vatikan Muzesi Helen Lahdi
Vatikan Muzesi Yer Mozaigi

The Candelabri Gallery has beautiful and colorful ceiling decorations and is named after the colorful columns. The walkway is small and can be crowded. As you walk along the path, you will also come across carpets embroidered with paintings left and right.

Vatican Muzesi Renkli Suslemeli Tavanlar
Vatican Muzesi Renkli Tavanlar

Chiaramonti Museum

Chiaramonti Museum, like the other museums, is located in the museum complex. Founded in 1807 by Pope Plus VII, the museum is named after the surname Chiaramonti, which was his last name before he became Pope.

Vatikan Muzeleri Heykel Gezisi

Many historical artifacts are exhibited in long corridors with many arched ceilings. Roman and Greek statues, busts and written tablets are among the artifacts on display.

Chiaramonti Muzesi Heykel Galerisi
Chiaramonti Muzesi Portre Heykelleri

Gregoriano Etruscan Museum

Founded by Pope Gregory XVI in 1836, the museum’s galleries contain vases, sarcophagi and bronze artifacts found during archaeological excavations.

Gregoriano Egiziano Museum

This museum, which was founded in 1839 by Pope Gregory XVI, contains artifacts from ancient Egyptian collections. Many historical artifacts from Mesopotamia, including papyrus materials and animal mummies, await visitors. Among the artifacts you will see are tablets with shapes and writings on them, various wall reliefs, and pottery used in ancient times.

Vatikan Muzesi Misir Tabletleri
Vatikan Muzesi Canak Comlek

The Egyptians used to mummify their beloved people or pharaohs after they died in the hope that one day they would be resurrected. This way the body would not decompose and could be preserved in a better condition. After 70 days of processing, the mummies were finally treated with a scented liquid such as perfume and bandaged. In the museum, you can see a mummy with an open face, hands and feet.

Vatikan Muzesi Mumya Sergisi
Vatikan Muzesi Mumya Eli

Apartment of Pius V

The gallery called Apartment of Pius V consists of several rooms. Some of the rooms, built for Pope Pius IX, are covered with Francesco Podesti frescoes, both on the walls and the ceiling.

One of the rooms is the Sobieski Room. There is a large work by the Polish painter Jean Matejko in this room. The room was named the Sobieski Room after John III, King of Poland, because of Sobieski’s painting of his victory over the Turks in Vienna in 1683. The Siege of Vienna II was the battle in which the Ottoman Empire entered a period of decline.

Vatikan Muzeleri Viyana Sobieski

Raffael Rooms

The most interesting rooms of the Vatican Museums are the rooms with Raffael’s paintings on the walls. Each of these must-see rooms is painted down to the finest detail. As you look at these paintings, you get confused and lose yourself.

Vatikan Muzeleri Raffael Odalari
Vatikan Muzeleri Raffael Oda Resimleri

Visiting the Vatican Museums is really dizzying. Once you enter, you come out as a completely different person. Because your horizons are enlightened. While those who wish can visit all the rooms one by one with the guidance of the signs, a short path has been created for those who have little time or want to see the Sistina Chapel directly. You can easily find these routes with the plan made for the Vatican Museums Map.

Vatikan Muzesi Haritasi
Vatican Museums Map

Another room included in the Vatican Museums is the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican’s liturgical space and gathering place. The Sistine Chapel is where Michelangelo painted his largest and most famous wall works. Let’s discuss this world-famous building under a different heading.

The Vatican Museums are in high demand and there can be long queues at the entrances. If you don’t want to wait in the crazy queues at the Vatican Museums, you can buy your tickets online, as in many museums. In online reservation processes, you can buy your ticket up to 60 days in advance. If you make an online reservation, you have to pay service fee for extra. But when you consider all the queues and time, this is an acceptable price. The museum is closed on Sundays. It is only open on the last Sunday of every month and you can visit for free. This is another option, and the number of people who want to enter for free should not be underestimated.