The Best Websites We Use When Traveling


When planning our travels, we use many sources for hotel search, cheap flights and car rental services. With the development of technology, we can view the most suitable results among many options and plan our travels quickly and clearly. There are many helpful websites on the internet with different features. In this article, we can list the websites we use the most;

Best hotel search and booking websites

Finding an affordable hotel is one of the most important processes before our trip. There are a few sites we use among hotel search sites. These sites can show us the most suitable hotels by comparing and listing the hotels in the region. Some may also have instant deals. Booking, which is banned in Turkey but we can still make reservations abroad, is one of them and the most popular website for hotel search. Another is Agoda, which still allows domestic hotel reservations. In addition to these, we frequently use Trivago for price comparisons, Expedia, one of the best hotel search sites for every budget, Google Hotel Finder, the Google hotel search engine from Google’s services, Hotels and Hotelscombined, alternative hotel search sites. These websites, which can book domestic and international hotels, are successful bedside websites for hotels.

Best flight ticket search sites

Finding a cheap flight ticket is indeed a task that requires patience. But the places you look for airfare are also very important. For example, when you search for flights on the airline companies’ own websites, you will probably encounter higher results than the flight ticket prices on the search sites. There are websites that do this job collectively instead of searching dozens of airline sites one by one at a more affordable price. We frequently use Skyscanner, Momondo and Expedia, which are the pioneers of this business, among the websites we use most when buying airline tickets. We also frequently use Turna, one of the Turkish flight ticket search engines, and Google Flights, one of the Google services.

The website also attracts attention with its incredible campaigns and cheap flights from time to time. Many people are familiar with Kayak, but it is important to note that the Italian version of has campaigns.

SeatGuru, which we use when choosing a seat at online check-ins, is also very useful. It shows the seating plan maps of planes that you have no idea about the seating plan and shows the advantages and disadvantages of the possible seats you will choose, such as whether there is an outlet, whether it is narrow or wide, whether it is close to emergency exit doors or restrooms, and the television over the head. SeatGuru also has a mobile app if you prefer.

Best car rental sites

Renting a car abroad allows us to cover more ground on our short-term travels. In addition to the limited stops of buses and trains, traveling abroad by car is the epitome of freedom. We rent a car a few months before we go abroad, so we can rent a car at a cheaper price. The site we use when renting a car is RentalCars. From time to time, it can offer more favorable prices than the company you rent from.

Best map sites

When we plan our travels, we use different sources to find and plan where to go, which routes to take, museums, historical and touristic spots to visit. Although Google Maps is the leading site in this field, it may not be enough on its own. I also check the places to visit on OpenStreetMap.