6 Reasons to Visit Malta, the Land of Megalithic Temples

Malta, with its deep blue sea and the cultural richness of being in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, is a country that should be considered by those who prefer a few-day trip. Malta has almost no elevation and there are no rivers on the island. Malta is a country where the summer sea season is also utilized. Let’s explore a few reasons to go to Malta.

A Small and Easy-to-Reach Country

First of all, Malta is a very small country. Valletta, the capital city, can be traveled from one end to the other on foot. There is a regular construction. Even though there is a slope between the streets, the city planners have put steps on all the streets considering the difficulty of the slope. On foot from the capital, you can also see the so-called Three Cities, stroll among the magnificent buildings, and watch Malta’s magnificent scenery and harbors from the Upper Barrakka Garden, which is free to enter. The time you need to travel to see these beauties is only 2.5 hours from Istanbul.

Malta Activities and Events

Many beaches in Malta have both quality awards and blue flags. It is a must to swim in the deep blue waters and taste the warm sand on Malta’s beaches. Gozo and Comino islands should not be overlooked. These bays attract the attention of both Maltese and tourists. There are also places like Blue Grotto which can only be reached by boat. Here you can see caves with phosphorescent blue color. If you are a diving enthusiast, there are beautiful diving areas. Not only diving, but also climbing, cycling and canoeing are available in Malta.

Historical Places and Museums to Visit

Despite being a small place, Malta is rich in history. The oldest megalithic structures in the world are located here. Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, Tarxien Temples and Ggantija Temple on the island of Gozo are among the oldest religious buildings in history.

It is also possible to see Malta’s early Christian catacombs such as the Hypogeum and St. Pauls Catacombs. The Mosta Dome, which was inspired by the Pantheon, the castles that showed great resistance in the wars of the Middle Ages, and the still unspoiled cities such as Mdina and Citadel should not be forgotten.

Ease of Language Learning

Malta is also the choice of those who want to learn and improve their English thanks to its language schools. There are language schools in many parts of the island. Erasmus students also prefer Malta for its language. English is the second official language of Malta and therefore everyone speaks English normally. We communicated with many people from the bus driver to the police and they explained the roads we asked about in a good way. In short, Malta is one of the most suitable places to learn and practice languages.

Temperate Climate

Malta is one of the countries in the Mediterranean region with a mild climate. Therefore, it is possible to go and spend time without getting cold not only in summer but also in winter. You can enjoy your trip in a mild environment without the sun beating down on your head or being overwhelmed by walking. You should also be prepared for instant weather changes. While the weather is sunny, it can suddenly start to downpour.

Bus Network Providing Easy Transportation

Although Malta is a small country, it is possible to reach its historical sites by bus. Malta’s bus network is so well organized that buses leave on time and arrive at bus stops on time. There are buses to everywhere with transfers from the central cities and you can easily reach the point you want. For this reason, Malta is a good choice especially for those who want to visit many places in a short time.