Yalova City Museum Shedding Light on Yalova History

Yalova City Museum Shedding Light on Yalova History

Yalova was a district of Istanbul in the 1900s and Yalova needed a district governor’s office. The construction of the building started with various difficulties and the building was opened for use for the first time in 1913, and it began to be known as the Yalova Government House.

The entrance floor of the Yalove City Museum contains information about the history of Yalova. During the Orhan Gazi period, the lands of Çoban Kale and Yalak Plain were called Yalakonia. After the conquest of Iznik and Izmit in 1337, Yalova was completely captured and joined the Ottoman territory. On the ground floor, there is also a model of the plane tree, which was saved from being cut down thanks to Atatürk’s love of nature, and the sliding Mansion.

Yalova Kent Muzesi Gezi Yazisi
Yalova Kent Muzesi Gezi Notlari

Yalova, whose farms have always existed, met the vegetable and fruit needs of Istanbul when it was connected to Istanbul. Likewise, wood and coals were supplied from Yalova to be used in Tophane, which was attached to the Ottoman palaces. Quality chestnut and linden honey was produced from Yalova, where beekeeping activities are active, to the palace.

The fate of Yalova, which was a village in the first years of the Republic, changes when Atatürk came to Yalova and liked it. Yalova becomes a district of Istanbul about 2 months after Atatürk’s first arrival, and he does his best to give the city a contemporary look.

Yalova Kent Muzesi Gezilecek Yerler
Yalova Kent Muzesi Yuruyen Kosk

On the lower floor of Yalova City Museum, we first encounter animations reflecting the normal life of the period. In addition to ethnographic artifacts such as sickles and handkerchiefs, most of which are exhibited thanks to donations, an exemplary Turkish bath, which was established to promote the bath culture, is also on display. Yalova is a city that can be preferred for its thermal spas and baths. Especially Sultan Bath, Valide Bath and Kurşunlu Bath in the Termal district, which is 10 km away from the center of Yalova, are known baths and are thought to be healing for various diseases since the Roman Period. The upper floor of the museum is used as an exhibition space. It is possible to see different exhibitions from time to time, especially photography.

Yalova Kent Muzesi Etnografik Bolum
Yalova Kent Muzesi Hamam Odasi

Where is Yalova City Museum and how to get there?

Yalova City Museum is located on the intersection point of Rıhtım, Cumhuriyet and Gazi Paşa streets, right next to Yalova Port, by the sea. It is impossible not to see the big white mansion in the middle of the Republic Square. Yalova City Museum is closed on Mondays and can be visited free of charge on other days.