Best 1 Day Itinerary in Ohrid


One of the places formed on the territory of the region with the dissolution of Yugoslavia is officially the Republic of North Macedonia. One of the natural wonders of Macedonia that should be visited is Lake Ohrid and the city of Ohrid, which is a settlement on Lake Ohrid and a tourist attraction center with its historical beauties and natural wonders.

Lake Ohrid is a sea-like lake located in the border region between Macedonia and Albania. The cities of Ohrid and Struga in Macedonia and Pogradash in Albania are on the shores of the lake, and this lake is the oldest and deepest lake in the Balkan region. It is an ideal place for those who like swimming in fresh water. You can swim in the lake at the beaches both in Struga and Orhi.

Ohrid is big enough to visit on foot. The fact that the city is so touristic and so small makes you feel its warmth and beauty. Since it was under Ottoman rule for centuries, you can still see buildings influenced by Ottoman culture. You will also see houses similar to Safranbolu houses in terms of architecture, and you will feel like you are in Kaş with its touristic charm while walking through the streets of Ohrid. Walking on the cobblestone streets equipped with bay windows is among the must-do things to do in Ohrid.

Makedonya Ohrid Gol Manzarasi
Makedonya Ohrid Sokaklari

Ohrid Ancient Theater

Ohrid Ancient Theater, which you can see as you walk among the historical houses towards Tsar Samuel Castle, is a theater dating back to Hellenistic and Roman times. Today, it is used as a place where various events such as concerts, operas and shows are organized. You can stop by on your way to the castle.

Makedonya Ohrid Antik Tiyatrosu
Ohrid Ancient Theater - Macedonia
Makedonya Ohrid Antik Tiyatrosu Gezi Yerleri

Tsar Samuel Castle

The list of places to visit in Ohrid should also include the Castle of Tsar Samuel (Ohrid Castle), built on a hill overlooking Lake Ohrid and 100 meters above the lake. It is an ideal place to enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Ohrid and a panoramic view of the city.

Ohrid Castle is a fortress built by the First Bulgarian Empire, a state founded by the Bulgarians in the 7th century in the Balkan region. The castle was built here because the city of Ohrid was the capital of the First Bulgarian Empire. However, excavations suggest that it was built on top of another structure built by King Philip II of Macedon in the 4th century BC.

Makedonya Ohrid Car Samuel Kalesi Manzarasi Fotograflari
Makedonya Ohrid Car Samuel Kalesi Fortress Gezisi

The strategic location of Ohrid Castle was chosen because it is located in an area where you can see many parts of Lake Ohrid. This is the reason why everyone who took over the region designated Ohrid Castle as their command center.

Restored in 2003 and opened as a historical monument, Tsar Samuel Castle can be visited. There is nothing remarkable uncovered inside the castle. It is possible to walk around the walls from top to bottom. The currency of Ohrid is dinar and you can visit the castle for 60 dinars or 1,5€.

Makedonya Ohrid Car Samuel Kalesi Gezi Yerleri
Ohrid Attractions - Tsar Samuel Castle
Makedonya Ohrid Car Samuel Kalesi Gezilecek Yerler

You have to walk a bit to get to the castle in Ohrid. After the theater, you walk up the hill through the tree-lined houses overlooking Lake Ohrid. Then you reach the main entrance gate between the two big ones. Although we were there at the opening time in the morning, we are grateful to the castle guard who came half an hour late.

St. Panteleymon / St. Kliment Church

St. Celement Church, one of the churches overlooking Lake Ohrid. It is located on a hill overlooking Lake Ohrid. This hill is an archaeological site because of its history and the richness of its richness where various empires dominated. When the first construction of the church was not considered big enough by the administration, a bigger church was built on top of it. Over the centuries, the church turned into a huge ruin, but it has been restored over the years. The entrance fee to the area where the church is located is 100 Dinars.

Makedonya Aziz Kliment Kilisesi Gezi

Church of St. John

The Church of St. John is one of Ohrid’s emblematic landmarks and its location is spectacular. With the church and Lake Ohrid and the mountains on its land, it has a magnificent view with the adjectives peaceful and tranquil. It is a short walk from the city center. You can walk from the seaside, up the steps by the church and back along the path between the trees. Entrance to the church is free of charge.

Makedonya Ohrid Aziz Yuhanna Kilisesi Gezisi
Makedonya Ohrid Aziz Yuhanna Kilisesi Gezi Notlari

Robev Family House

Some houses in Ohrid are open to visitors as museums. Through these museums, you can see the interiors of the buildings in Ohrid and examine what kind of items and clothes people living in Ohrid have in their homes. You can visit the Grigor Prlichev House, The House of Urania, Robev Family House. We chose the most popular one. The house donated by the Robevçi family in agreement with the Macedonian government exhibits artifacts from the 19th century. Some of them belonged to the Robevçi family, others were donated by other celebrities. There are also archeological artifacts on some floors.

Makedonya Ohrid Robev Family House Binasi
Makedonya Ohrid Robev Family House Muze Evi

In short…
Ohrid, with its architecture, has been included in the world heritage list by UNESCO.
Ohrid is thought to be the birthplace of the Cyrillic alphabet, an important alphabet for Slavs.
A boat trip on Lake Ohrid is among the things to do in Ohrid. For a few euros for half an hour, you can watch Ohrid and the castle from the sea.
There are hundreds of churches in Ohrid. For this reason, you may come across churches everywhere you visit. It is paid to go inside most of them. But we think their beauty is their exterior architecture. You will see many churches such as Hagia Sophia Church, St. John’s Church, St. Kliment Church during your trip.
Does Ohrid require a visa? Ohrid is a place within the borders of Macedonia and Macedonia does not require a visa from Turkish citizens.
Ohrid or Ohrid? Ohrid is the Macedonian spelling of the name of this city and Ohrid is the Albanian spelling. Neither is wrong.
In July and August, there are various cultural event programs called Ohrid Summer Festival.

Where is Ohrid and how to get there?

Ohrid is located right on the shores of Lake Ohrid, which shares the borders of the Republic of North Macedonia with Albania. The most convenient and fastest way to get to Ohrid from Istanbul is to land in Skopje and rent a car or take a bus from there. The distance between Skopje and Ohrid is 180 km (2.5 hours), while the distance between Struga and Ohrid is 15 km (30 minutes).