Struga, the Touristic Attraction of Lake Ohrid


Struga is one of the places in Macedonia that benefits from the beauty of Lake Ohrid. We would not be wrong if we say that the Black Drin River, which runs through the middle of Struga, which is like a small holiday resort, is a fun stop for people in the summer months. Water from Lake Ohrid flows through this river and the water is very clean.

Many people, especially young people, swim here. Of course, you can swim in the river in Struga, but if you ask if there is a beach, there is that too. There are several beaches overlooking Lake Ohrid. Keep this in mind if you want to swim in a clear lake.

Makedonya Struga Denize Girilecek Yerler
People swimming on the Struga River
Makedonya Struga Plajlari Ohri Golu
Struga Beaches

You can go to Struga to watch its lively, bustling flow. It is not a place to spend a lot of time, because there is not much to see. However, it is a place where you can enjoy watching the nature and the bustling life. You can take a walk along the bazaar or along the river. There are many restaurants and cafes along and around the river to eat, drink and taste Macedonian cuisine. Struga is a small town and everything is within walking distance.

Struga Gezilecek Yerler Notlari

Where is Struga and how to get there?

Struga is one of the two settlements on the edge of Lake Ohrid. The other is Ohrid. If you are coming from Tirana, the capital of Albania, for example, Struga will be the first place you will arrive after crossing the Albanian border.

Makedonya Struga Gezi Notlari
Makedonya Struga Carsisi

If you are coming from Ohrid, there are transportation options such as bus or taxi. The distance between them is 15 km (20 minutes).