Bicycle Museum of Siauliai

Bicycle Museum of Siauliai

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With more than two floors and many categorized rooms, the bicycle museum has a lot to offer.

First opened in Siauliai in 1980 in a bicycle factory called Vairas, the bicycle museum was moved to the place you visit today in 1985.

Bisiklet Muzesi Altin Bisiklet
Bisiklet Muzesi Tarihi

Founded in 1948, the Vairas Bicycle Factory completed its first bicycle in 1951, sourcing its main parts from Ukraine and Belarus, and soon began to produce bicycles entirely for Siauliai, thus becoming the only bicycle factory in the Baltics.

Bisiklet Muzesi Unlu Bisikletciler
Bisiklet Muzesi Iki Kisilik Bisiklet

Famous cyclists such as Liudas Alseika can also be seen up close with their unique items such as gloves and wristwatches. The exhibition halls in bicycle museums are ideal places to learn about the history of bicycles. Especially the Lithuanian bicycles with wooden and iron wheels attract a lot of attention.

Bisiklet Muzesi Interaktif Yaris
Bisiklet Muzesi Yaris Bisikleti

An interactive cycling experience awaits you at the exhibition. You can choose your route and have a bike race with a friend.