Cat Museum Siauliai

Cat Museum Siauliai

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The cat museum in Šiauliai is a comprehensive museum with over 10,000 objects related to cats, including cat figurines, ceramic and glass cat figures, paintings and more.

Throughout her life, an old woman named Vanda Kavaliauskienė collected pictures of cats, many cat figures from wood to metal, in short, everything she could think of about cats, and opened it as a museum to share these objects with people, especially cat lovers.

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The cute little kitties in the museum also play with each other, making sure that everything that a cat museum should have is present.

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You can also visit the cages in the back room where several small animals are kept. Although the sign of the museum is not very noticeable, you can reach the entrance door of the apartment building by following the directions of the museum sign with various cat figures.

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