Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA: Diving to Underwater Statues

Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA: Diving to Underwater Statues

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Cancun Underwater Museum MUSA is an impressive underwater museum with details of tour packages, information on snorkeling and diving, underwater statues.

If you have ever wanted to explore an underwater museum, MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte) in Cancun, Mexico is one of the best options.

It has an incredible array of sculptures and art installations designed for you to enjoy while scuba diving. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the MUSA underwater museum and what makes it so special.

The museum is designed to help preserve the coral reef as well as give divers something interesting and fascinating to explore. And it has quickly become one of Cancun’s top attractions.

MUSA history

The MUSA underwater museum in Cancun is one of Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions. Every year hundreds of thousands of people visit the museum to see the spectacular sculptures and experience the unique underwater environment.

The museum was founded in 2010 by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor and Mexican sculptors Karen Martinez Salinas, Roberto Diaz Abraham, Rodrigo Quiñones Reyes, Salvador Quiroz Ennis and Elier Amado Gil.

Museo Subacuatico De Arte Cost Of Museum
Museo Subacuatico De Arte Vw Beetle

The museum is located in the Marine Park, a protected area that is home to many different species of fish and corals.

What is Cancun Underwater Museum?

MUSA in Cancun is one of the largest underwater museums in the world. It contains more than 500 life-size sculptures submerged in the sea, placed on the seabed around Cancun and Isla Mujeres to create an artificial reef.

The museum is designed to raise awareness of the importance of ocean conservation and the need to protect coral reefs. The sculptures were created by a team of Mexican and British artists and are designed to provide a safe environment for marine life to thrive.

Museo Subacuatico De Arte Sculptures

The sculptures are made of a special type of concrete that encourages the growth of marine life and are positioned at various depths throughout the museum.

Visitors to the MUSA underwater museum can scuba dive or snorkel among the sculptures to get a closer look at them. They can also take a glass bottom boat tour of the museum. We will explore the details of these tours in a moment.

Benefits of Cancun Underwater Museum

The Cancun Underwater Museum is not only a unique and beautiful place to visit, it also has many benefits for the environment. This reef attracts fish and other marine life that help support the local ecosystem.

The sculptures at the MUSA underwater museum provide a safe haven for fish and other marine life.

Muso Museo Subacuatico De Arte Man

The artificial reef created by the sculptures provides a habitat for many different species of fish, helping to replenish the local fish population. The museum provides a safe place for fish to breed and grow.

By creating this artificial reef, the Cancun Underwater Museum is helping to preserve local marine life for future generations. The presence of the sculptures also helps to control algae growth in the area.

What to see at the Cancun Underwater Museum?

There are different galleries in the museum, separated by different depths. Located in Cancun, Mexico, the museum covers an area of over 12,000 square meters.

There are 33 sculptures in this gallery. It has the shallowest depth among the galleries. The depth of the gallery, the depth at which you can see the works, is 2-4 meters below the water surface. This makes it suitable for snorkeling.

With 473 sculptures, Machones Gallery has the largest collection. The group of sculptures 8-10 meters below the water surface is preferred by many people.

Muso Museo Subacuatico De Arte Scuba Diving
How deep is the underwater museum in Cancun?
Muso Museo Subacuatico De Arte Child

Silent Evolution with 400 human figures by the famous artist Jason de Caires and Bankers with people in suits with their heads in the sand are in this gallery.

Made of materials designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean, these sculptures include a man riding a bicycle, a man typing on a desk, various figures lying down and standing, their clothes and facial expressions make an impression worth seeing.

How to discover MUSA?

Cancun Underwater Museum is located in the waters off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. There are 4 different tour possibilities. Snorkeling, diving, jungle tour and the glass bottom tour.

These tours give visitors a close-up look at the magnificent sculptures and marine life that call MUSA their home.

Diving tours

Although it varies according to the company you buy, diving tours are usually sold as 5-hour tour programs. There are certified and non-certified options. Prices vary between 100-150 dollars depending on the gallery you want to visit and your tour preferences.

The diving tour package includes basic equipment and supervision by a diving instructor. Children under 12 years of age cannot participate in this tour. The 12-18 age range can also participate in these diving tours with the accompaniment of an adult.

Muso Museo Subacuatico De Arte Thinking Man

When you join this tour, you will see artifacts including Anthropocene (A VW Beetle made to real scale), The Bankers, Bombs, Urban Reef, Bio Map, Bacab and Seascapes on your first dive.

Your second dive is the natural reef dive where you can also observe sea turtles. You will have the opportunity to see the Manchones reef and examine the wonderful coral structures accompanied by magnificent fish.

Snorkeling tours

If scuba diving is not your thing, snorkeling is also an alternative option to see the underwater museum called Arrecife Mesoamericano. It is an ideal tour option for those who cannot dive and for families. Cancun underwater museum price is for snorkeling tours is around 50 – 70$.

Muso Museo Subacuatico De Arte Reef
Muso Museo Subacuatico De Arte Reef Fish

On this tour you will see 28 MUSA sculptures, including The Gardner of hope, Time Bomb, The Last Supper, Understanding, Threshold, and No Name.

Glass Bottom Boat

You can observe the marine life in Punta Nizuc reef, one of the most important reefs in the world, without getting wet with glass bottom boats. If you wish, you can also join tour programs that combine boat and snorkeling options. Tour prices are around 50 – 70$ and last about 3 hours.

Jungle Tour

Jungle tour is one of the popular tours in Cancun. With this tour, you can explore the jungle in the lagoon channels in the region and dive in the second largest coral reef in the world. The 3-hour Jungle Tour costs around 70$.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, Marine Park entrance fee is not included in the tour prices. It is useful to take this into consideration when preparing your travel plan.

Important tips to consider before you visit MUSA

  • Before planning a visit to the Cancun Museum of Underwater Art, it is important to read up on what is on offer and what is expected of your experience. Find out about the featured sculptures as well as other information such as how long you can stay in the museum and the age requirements for different activities. This will help you make sure you get the most out of your visit.
  • Although the tours are active throughout the year, June and August are the most crowded months. The whale shark is another factor that makes these tours popular. You may even come across whale shark tours.
  • Check the weather conditions. Weather in Cancun can be unpredictable, so making sure there won’t be any storms or strong currents during your visit is crucial for a safe experience underwater.
  • Come prepared with cash. While some places around Cancun accept credit cards, it is always a good practice to come prepared with cash when visiting attractions like these. Fees may apply depending on the type of activity guests want to participate in (such as snorkeling tours), so having enough cash makes things easier when it comes time to pay.
  • Avoid touching marine life creatures and sculptures.

Is it worth to see MUSA?

The sculpture garden in MUSA is really a sight to see. The beautiful coral reefs and turquoise waters are the perfect backdrop for the stunning works of art. They can get up close and personal with the incredible sculptures.

How to get to Cancun Underwater Museum?

You can book any of these tours online at MUSA Mexico. There are other businesses, but if you are not sure which one to choose, you can check out MUSA Mexico. You can visit the MUSA Mexico website and purchase a tour from among the tour packages listed.


The MUSA underwater museum in Cancun is a fascinating and unique experience that no one should miss. From its extraordinary sculptures to the amazing marine life around them, it offers something for everyone. If you are visiting Cancun, be sure to add this very different attraction to your itinerary.