Kotor Old Town


Among the places to visit in Kotor, there is a historical place surrounded by walls and closed to vehicle traffic. Old Town, which dominates Kotor with its length and width. Old Town is the most popular place in Kotor. During the daytime, you will see many tourist groups coming here on ships and as tourists. In the evenings, it becomes a place where only those staying in Kotor and the locals of Kotor have fun and eat.

When you approach Kotor Old Town, you will see a huge bastion-like structure in the corner. Kampana Tower is one of the historical symbols of Montenegro. It was built to defend and secure the city. Although it is not a high wall, its voluminous and sloping shape seems to be very effective against invaders.

Kotor Surlari
Kotor Tarihi Yapilari Old Town

Old Town has three different entry points. One of them is the Sea Gate, which faces the sea, the other is the North Gate, which is connected by a bridge over the Skurda River, and the third is the South Gate. You can enter from any of these entrances and start wandering through the centuries-old historic streets.

Kotor Festivalleri
Kotor Meydanlari

As you stroll through the historic streets of Old Town, you will come across squares and buildings. While some of these squares serve restaurants and cafes, you may also find yourself singing along to professional level music played by a group of 5-6 people. Since there is a different event in every square, I recommend you to walk the streets of Old Town, especially in the evenings.

Kotor Old Town Tarihi Sokaklari
Kotor Old Town Meydanlari

Old Town has an architecture that has been expanding over the years since the 8th century. The clock tower, Sveta Marija, St. Tryphon Cathedral, Sveti Tripun Cathedral, Gospe od Zdravija, Napoleon Theater are among the historical buildings you will definitely come across in Old Town. You can really feel the Middle Ages here.

Kotor Maritime Museum

Kotor Maritime Museum, also known as Kotor Maritime Museum in Kotor Old Town, is a museum where the cultural infrastructure of the region is gathered at a single point. You can also find artifacts beyond maritime artifacts such as Kotor’s history, clothes, weapons and items embroidered according to Kotor culture.

Kotor Cats Museum

Another museum is Kotor Cats Museum, which also has a lot of things with cats in them. There are dozens of objects, including printed materials such as pictures, postcards, advertisements. Most of these objects are historical. It may be of interest to those who are interested in vintage art.

Where is Kotor Old Town and how to get there?

Old Town is actually located right in the center of Kotor. When we look at it on the map, it is the southernmost part of the Bay of Kotor. Since Kotor is already a very small settlement, you will definitely see the city walls of Kotor Old Town when you look around. It is right on the seaside of the hill where Kotor Castle is located.