Sveti Stefan Island: World’s Most Expensive Hotel

Sveti Stefan Island: World’s Most Expensive Hotel

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Sveti Stefan is a place that means Saint Stephan. Located on the Adriatic coast, near Budva, Sveti Stefan is like a small resort village.

The island was leased for 30 years in 2007 by Aman Resorts, a Singaporean vacation business. Today it is used as a 5-star hotel and resort. Sveti Stefan is not a place to visit because it is closed to non-customers of the hotel. However, by paying and renting a room, you can enter this island where one of the most luxurious hotels in the world is located.

With its stone houses and gardens, Sveti Stefan reminded me of Doğanbey Village in Aydın and its island position reminded me of Güvercinada in Kuşadası. To stay at Aman Sveti Stefan, one of the most expensive hotels in the Balkans, you have to pay at least 6000TL per night. Alternatives are to be a guest of someone who owns property on the island or to make a reservation at one of the restaurants. Stevi Stefan tours are also organized during the summer season. 1 hour tours cost around 20€ per person.

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You don’t necessarily need to stay in a hotel to use the beaches around the island, but you have to pay high fees for both parking and beach entrance fees. There are large beaches on both the north and south sides of the island.

Where is Sveti Stefan and how to get there?

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The country in which Sveti Stefan Island is located is not as well known as its name. Sveti Stefan Island is a small place located on the borders of Budva, Montenegro. It is located on the road between Petrovac and the tourist city of Budva.

You cannot enter the streets, but there are places where you can take photos of this island, which has become the symbol of Budva on cards and postcards. For example, you can pause for a short time in front of Hotel Adrovic on the road or on the side of the road in the opposite direction of the island to take a photo of Stevi Stefan Island. For a longer trip, you can leave your car in the parking lots next to the island for €2 per hour.

One of the most beautiful places to take photos of Sveti Stefan Island is Church St. Sava on the hill behind the road. Let me add this as a footnote here.