Michelangelo Hill: View of Florence


Michelangelo Hill is the hill with a magnificent view of Florence. You can watch the whole city of Florence and the Arno River from this hill. When you go up the hill, you witness the perfect scenes as the sun sets behind you. Florence looks like a poster.

This hill is also called Piazzale Michelangelo. It got this name because it was thought that a museum would be built here with some of Michelangelo’s works.

Michelangelo Tepesi Gezi Yazisi
Michelangelo Tepesi Arno Nehri

No special museum was built, but it is the best spot to see the Arno River, Ponte Vecchio, Duomo Cathedral, Santa Croce Church and Palazzo Vecchio at once. On this hill, you can also see another copy of Michelangelo’s statue of David.

Where is Michelangelo Hill? How to get there?

Grab your favorite drink from the market and take a 15-minute walk across the Ponte Vecchio Bridge. Although buses numbered 12 and 13 go to Michelangelo Hill, we recommend you to go up on foot. Walking on the streets of Florence is a different taste.