Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp


Nazi concentration camps were places where genocide was committed, where starvation and torture took place. There are many of these concentration camps in Europe. In Niš, Serbia, there is a concentration camp that is not as big as the others, but it is still the site of much suffering. Surrounded by barbed wire and walls, the concentration camp consists of watchtowers and a few buildings.

The camp was named Red Cross, which means Red Cross. Another name is February the 12th. Niš Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp is one of the most interesting places in Niš and even in Serbia. During the Second World War, about 35 thousand people were imprisoned and detained. It is thought that about 10 thousand people lost their lives in the camp area. Originally intended to be used as a concentration camp where only Serbs, Romanians and Jews were kept together, it was attacked by Serbian partisans and some prisoners were kidnapped, leading to executions. They were taken to Bubanj Hill on Tuesdays and Fridays and executed there.

Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Gezilecek Yerler

The main building, which has three floors, is the prison part of the camp. When you enter the building, the first floor and the second floor are where people were held collectively. After being used as a museum, these floors contain photographs and documents taken when the camp was active.

Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Tutsak Odalari
Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Gorulecek Yerler

Photos of those who died in the February 12 uprising, the remains of those executed, children’s toys, clothes worn by prisoners are among the items you can see in the rooms of the museum. In the rooms, you can see what the prisoners wrote and drew. These writings are protected by a glass.

Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Mahkum Kiyafetleri
Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Cocuk Oyuncaklari

The third floor consists of single-cell rooms with cold floors and wired floors. As a result, those sent here cannot sleep, cannot sit, cannot lie down and are sleep deprived.

Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Hucre Odalari
Sirbistan Nis Red Cross Toplama Kampi Bahcesi

What is the entrance fee and opening hours at the Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp?

The entrance fee to the museum is RSD 150. If you want to visit other museums in Niš, you can buy a combined ticket. With this combined ticket, you can get a cheaper entrance to the National Museum in Niš, the Tower of the Head and the Roman ruins in Mediana. You can visit the concentration camp every weekday except Monday from 10:00 to 16:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 15:00.

Where is the Red Cross Nazi Concentration Camp and how to get there?

The concentration camp is located just behind Nis Fortness (Nis Fortress), about 1 km away. If you want to go by bus, you can take a bus from Bulevar 12 Februara.