Zeeburg Camping: An Amazing Camp Site In Netherlands

Zeeburg Camping: An Amazing Camp Site In Netherlands

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The cost of living in Amsterdam is seriously burning a hole in your pocket. As a result of our research, we discovered the Zeeburg Camping Center on an island in the northeast of Amsterdam and made our stay in Amsterdam advantageous with affordable prices.

To get to the campground at midnight, you need to find the point behind Amsterdam Centraal train station where the night buses leave. The bus to the campground is line 759. You should follow the screens at the stops and check which letter the buses will leave from which stop.

When it is time for the buses to leave, if it says A on the screens, it will come to stop A and pick up the passengers.

In Amsterdam you can buy bus tickets from the drivers. We paid 4,50€ per person to reach the campsite during the night shift. If possible, buy from ticket machines if you can find them, because 2 tickets cost 5,80€. Buying tickets from drivers is more expensive.

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After taking the bus number 759, you need to get off at the stop called Amsterdam Insulindeweg. This is the closest bus stop to Zeeburg Campground. There is a distance of 950 meters (12 minutes) between the bus stop and the campsite. You have to walk after the stop. After crossing the bridge, take the first right down to the road, walk a bit and you will see the signboard.

Since we arrived late at night, you get the key to our accommodation with a letter they leave at the reservation gate. The letter includes a map of the campsite and the rules you have to follow. The next morning at 08:30 they open the reservation office and you enter there and complete the procedures.

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Camping Site Review in Amsterdam, Netherlands

There are green camping areas for those who want to set up tents. Since the prices of the tent areas are very affordable, if you have the opportunity to bring a tent, you can stay at much more affordable prices like 24€ for 2 nights instead of expensive Amsterdam hotels. However, since we couldn’t bring a tent, we preferred the rooms called eco cabin. The rooms only have beds.

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But with a lake view, when you open the door with the first rays of the sun in the morning, you wake up to a lush green area and a lake view. The price for 3 nights is 177€ for the summer period when it is the most expensive.

When you think that you are staying in a hotel, the price for 3 nights is at least 2 times the camping price. Caravan and other accommodation options are also available. You can check the Camping Zeeburg website.

Camping Zeeburg also offers bicycle rental or canoe rental services. It takes 15 minutes by bike from the campground to the center of Amsterdam. The prices are also very reasonable. The reservation office works like tourist information and you can buy I Amsterdam City Card. They do not put any commission on it, they sell it at the prices on the internet, so you can rest assured about that.

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If you want to get from the center of Amsterdam, you can reach Insulindeweg by Tram 7 and 14. The Tram 26s from Amsterdam Centraal run quickly to Zuiderzeeweg, which is north of the campground, and you have to walk for about 15 minutes from there.

Zeeburg Camping was a campsite that won our appreciation with its service, style, proper operation, the friendliness of the staff and the location of the area. There is also a kitchen area with a microwave, freezer and fridge that you can use in the campsite.

Although the toilets and bathrooms are shared, there is nothing to be afraid of, everything is ideal. However, you need to be careful, especially if you want to stay in eco cabins, you need to make your reservation a few days in advance, otherwise you may not find a place. Because the demand is quite high.