Auto World Vintage Car Museum: For Car Lovers in India


If you’re into cars and history, there’s this incredible place in India called the Auto World Vintage Car Museum. It’s in Ahmedabad and has an amazing collection of over 100 vintage cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

The museum was started by Pranlal Bhogilal, who was really passionate about collecting cars. Nowadays, it’s a popular spot for both tourists and locals who just love admiring the beauty and artistry of these classic automobiles.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum history

The captivating story of the Auto World Classic Car Museum traces its roots back to the fervent passion of its founder, Pranlal Bhogilal.

A devoted aficionado of classic automobiles, Pranlal dedicated himself to amassing one of India’s most extensive private collections of these exquisite vehicles, driven by a desire to safeguard their magnificence for generations to come.

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As time marched on, Pranlal’s ever-expanding collection prompted him to share his zeal for these four-wheeled wonders with a broader audience.

Thus, he laid the foundation for the Auto World Vintage Car Museum in Ahmedabad, opening its doors in the 1990s to invite all to marvel at the automotive industry’s evolution and the sheer elegance of these timeless machines.

With over 100 resplendent specimens on display, the Auto World Classic Car Museum has emerged as a must-visit destination for automobile aficionados, history enthusiasts, and curious tourists keen on exploring India’s rich automotive legacy.


Step into the world of yesteryear at the Auto World Vintage Car Museum, where a breathtaking array of classic automobiles awaits your admiring gaze.

Spanning the gamut from the dawn of the 20th century to the mid-1900s, the museum’s collection presents a remarkable testament to the artistry and ingenuity that have driven the evolution of automotive design and engineering.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum Ahmedabad Historical
Auto World Vintage Car Museum Ahmedabad Automobile
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Feast your eyes upon a wealth of esteemed marques, encompassing the likes of Rolls Royce, Bentley, Daimler, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Cadillac, Ford, Chevrolet, and a host of others. Within this treasure trove, you’ll find examples of luxury sedans, sporty coupes, elegant convertibles, and even a smattering of rare, coach-built masterpieces.

Among the standout exhibits, you’ll discover:

  • The Rolls Royce Silver Ghost: An early 1900s gem renowned for its sophistication and silky-smooth ride.
  • The 1930 Bentley 8 Litre: A robust and refined creation, designed by the legendary W.O. Bentley himself.
  • The 1927 Ford Model T: Affectionately dubbed the “Tin Lizzie,” this iconic vehicle transformed the automotive landscape with its groundbreaking mass-production techniques.
  • The 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmaster: A post-World War II American beauty, boasting a distinctive design.
  • The 1939 Mercedes-Benz 540K: A striking German luxury car, complete with a potent supercharged engine.

Beyond the realm of automobiles, the museum also plays host to an intriguing assortment of vintage motorcycles, scooters, and other conveyances, providing a panoramic perspective on India’s transportation history, as well as the global development of personal mobility.

How to get to Auto World Vintage Car Museum?

The Auto World Vintage Car Museum is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. The museum’s address is Dastan Estate, Sardar Patel Ring Road, Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382430.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum Ahmedabad Chevrolet
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If you’re driving, you can take the Sardar Patel Ring Road towards Kathwada and follow the signs for the Auto World Vintage Car Museum. There’s ample parking available at the museum.

For the most convenient and comfortable journey, hiring a taxi or a private car is recommended, as it will take you directly to the museum without the need for transfers.


In summary, Ahmedabad, India, boasts a truly exceptional destination for those passionate about cars, history, or merely curious about the progression of automotive technology, the Auto World Vintage Car Museum.

Housing a remarkable assortment of over 100 classic vehicles, including vintage cars and motorcycles, the museum presents a rare chance to appreciate the artistry, styling, and innovative strides that have shaped the automobile industry throughout the years.