Transportation Guide in Rome for Tourists

Transportation Guide in Rome for Tourists

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Rome has a very easy structure in terms of transportation. Every place to visit in Rome can be reached by public transportation. Just like IETT, ATAC, which is gathered under a single roof, makes transportation even easier.

Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

Rome has two airports. Fiumicino Airport (FCO), originally named Leonardo da Vinci, is 40 minutes / 32 km from the center of Rome. There are several ways to get from Rome Fiumucino Airport to Rome city center, but the most economical ones are by train and bus.

The best way between these two is by bus. You can get to Rome using Terravision buses. When you buy the same bus ticket from the airport, you pay a certain fee. If you buy your ticket round trip, you can get a few euros cheaper. I recommend you to buy your ticket from Terravision’s website both for going to Rome and returning from Rome to the airport. This way you will avoid the problem of space and queues.

By the way, make sure you have a printout of the tickets you buy with you rather than having them on your cell phone or computer. You may encounter a situation where they want to see it on paper. You can reach Rome by bus in 50 minutes on average. The FR1 train, which is a faster way, is a bit more expensive. Although they go faster, I cannot say that there is a significant time difference.

Ciampino Airport (CIA)

The other airline, Ciampino Airport, is used for flights within Rome. Located 15 km south of the city, the most logical way to reach the center of Rome from the airport is to use Terravision buses.

Using the Train in Rome

Termini Train Station is located in the center of Rome and it is possible to reach everywhere in Rome. It is also where the city’s bus stops are located and where Rome’s 2 subways intersect.

From here, you can go to Florence or other parts of Rome by using the Trenitalia vehicles of the Italian State Railways or by many trains, including luxury trains with more expensive ticket prices. It is useful to buy tickets in advance, especially for trips outside Rome. You can buy tickets from Trenitalia‘s website before the seats are full at the most affordable prices.

Rome Metro

Rome has two subways, A and B, which cross paths at Termini. You may find it useful to reach the starting points when planning your daily routes.

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