Batman Hasankeyf

Batman Hasankeyf

Hasankeyf is a history that will be submerged with the completion of the Ilısu Dam. If seeing it underwater is not your preference, it is one of the values full of natural beauty that you should hurry to see up close.

Hasankeyf is next to the Tigris River, a source of fertility. Its name is thought to come from HısnıKeyfa. Although its spelling changes from history to history, its basic meaning is Kaya Taş.

Er-Rızk Mosque

The symbol of Hassan Keyf is the minaret of the Al-Reza Mosque, which is also an old building and a part of it that has survived to the present day. It was built in 1409 by Ayyubid Sultan Suleiman. I draw your attention to the loudspeakers at the top of this minaret, which has accompanied the Tigris waters throughout history. It is estimated that the waters of the Ilısu Dam will reach there. It is exactly 65 meters.


Hasankeyf Castle is located at the intersection between Mesopotamia and Anatolian civilizations and is at a strategic point, so there were many communities who wanted to capture it. It was built by the Byzantines in 363 AD.

Hasankeyf Kale Kopru

There were various settlements in and on the rock. The Small Palace and the Great Palace, the administrative center of the city, are two of them. Until 2001, life was actively going on here. When the separation of the castle from the main part posed a great risk, the houses had to be evacuated. Since the rock was easily chiseled, the people of the time built stairs on the sides. Its main purpose was to take water from the river and to be used as a place of escape during a possible war.

In Hasankeyf, there are about 3000 caves not only in the castle but also around it. Life continues in some of these caves, which are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Hasankeyf Magaralar


Based on the arch span, it is the largest of the stone bridges built in the Middle Ages. In order to withstand the flow of the river, the piers on the downstream side were built in a triangular shape.

In this city, which dates back to the beginning of civilization, there are many ruins from different cultures. With this feature, it has a unique place in the world.  In order to protect this nature, Hasankeyf must be included in the UNESCO Heritage List. In order to be included in this list, UNESCO has certain criteria. Hasankeyf has many of these criteria. In order for Hasankeyf to be included on the Heritage List, the government has to apply. But instead of making Hasankeyf a World Cultural Heritage Site and enabling the development of the region, the government insists on the Ilısu Dam Project, which will submerge this historical site.

The Ilısu Dam will not only destroy Hasankeyf, it will also cause the extinction of endangered animals such as the Euphrates Tortoise, affect 5 important nature areas in the southeast, and dry up the Basra marshes in southern Iraq.