Latvian War Museum


One of the oldest museums in Latvia, the Latvian War Museum was founded in 1916 as the Rifle Museum, and since 1919 the present museum has been housed in the 14th century Powder Tower.

In the 14th century, there were 18 towers between the walls built to protect the city. Powder Tower is the only one of these 18 towers that has survived to the present day. In the past it served as a powder magazine, a prison and even a torture center.

Letonya Savas Muzesi Gez Rehberi
Letonya Savas Muzesi Gezlecek Yerler

The Latvian War Museum aims to reveal the military and political history of Latvia in the 20th century, when the nation struggled for independence. The most important and largest part of the museum’s collection are objects related to the past in the 20th century.

Letonya Savas Muzesi Belgeleri
Letonya Savas Muzesi Belgeler

The war museum naturally displays military weapons, photographs and documents. You can also see medals and military uniforms in various showcases.

Letonya Savas Muzesi Gemileri
Letonya Savas Muzesi Malzemeleri